Monday, June 6, 2011

New York, New York

Things we did in NYC

The Big Apple Circus!
Went to the beach. Cesca is a pro


Cold water

Tried White Castle- it was interesting

made me miss London...
Walked out into the Bay on this rock thing

We went to Central Park and saw a bunch of stuff:
Cleopatra's needle
Romeo and Juliet statue
Got attacked by dinosaurs in Toys R Us

Disney store!!!

Singing waiters at Ellen's Stardust Diner
Went to the Harry Potter Exhibition- no pics inside but
there's the car

Got a Swan Lake cupcake and red velvet cupcake from
Magnolia bakery

Oh hey, Lee Pace

Cesca and I get to see one of the best Phantoms ever

Then we met him at the stage door!
Fun story about that one- Hugh came out the door and started walking in the opposite direction. Cesca and I were behind a barricade so the stage doorers didn't block the sidewalk. Cesca yells "That's him!" Me: "Are you sure? (I didn't see him)" Cesca: "THAT'S HIM"

So I shuffle down the sidewalk after him but I didn't really see where he went. So I was walking and there is this car there and the window was down. I lean down and it is HUGH PANARO. So the convo goes like this:

Me: Uh, excuse me. Are you Hugh Panaro?
Hugh: Yeah I am.
Me *does awkward excited twitching* Oh my god, really? Can you sign something for me (I'm in full fangirl mode here)
Hugh: Sure, let me just make a phone call *calls his driver and is like 'where are you? I'm at the car'
Me: *waves frantically at Cesca to come here* *cesca runs over* to hugh: You were amazing

SO he is super sweet and signs our stuff in his car with my sharpie and then we were like "Can we get a picture with you!"

Cesca even suggested he could stay in the car, but he got out and took that very nice picture with us, then hopped in the car and drove away. It was magical. He was super nice. I wish i could have actually talked to him a bit more but whatever, still met him

Then we were hanging around and NEIL PATRICK HARRIS WALKS BY. What a night.

So basically Cesca and I had an amazing time in NYC visiting her friend Mary Cole (Frankle) and traveling with Jenna. Twas quite fun, but it did really make me miss London, because London is a much nicer, cleaner, easier to deal with city. Still a great time.