Sunday, October 24, 2010

He had it coming

So, we went and saw Chicago today. It was awesome. I can't believe I went a whole year at a college with one of the best theater programs in the country without seeing anything there! What is wrong with me!?

So I'm in a theater discussion mood now, considering in a mere 2 months I will basically be packing for London. Yes, it is that close!!!

I'm a bit overwhelmed, thinking of money, flats, flights and everything in between, but I am SO excited to be going. I talked everything out logistically with my mother and it seems like everything will work out fine.

There's so much to see and do in London, and I am so super stoked about being a few subway stops away from the theatre district. Not only because this means I will get to see Phantom on the West End at least twice, something I've been dying to do, but there are so many other shows that I will have the opportunity to see. Being a theatre lover but living 8 hours away from Broadway is a hassle (I mean, don't get me wrong, we get shows in Buffalo, but there's something special about seeing things on the Great White Way). So to be a few blocks away from the Broadway of Europe is a dream come true. I can't wait to see Phantom, but my plans also include Les Mis, Billy Elliot, and anything else I can get cheap tickets for (hopefully I get to take the theatre class that gets us into like a dozen shows- surely one or two will be musicals!)

So, anyway, with all the wonderful expereinces and travel that awaits us in Europe. the thought of going to class tomorrow makes me cringe. It all just seems so mundane when I think that in like 2 months I'll be in freaking London. It makes my Writing for the Workplace proposal seem like child's play. Ugh. 2 months.

30 class days plus final exam days. I can do this.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Fall Break

So, as I sit in my dorm room waiting for everyone else to come back, I figured I'd update about how fall break went.

It was lovely and relaxing, and truthfully, a bit boring. Nobody else was home for fall break, which made Wednesday night and Thursday pretty dull. I got most of my homework done though. yeah, that screams thrilling time, doesn't it?

So Friday I ran some errands and picked up som
e essentials I needed like hair stuff and chocol
ate, then a night hung out with Ronnie. We watched District 9, which was actually really cool and interesting. Not a huge fan of the ending, but still, it was really good.

Saturday I went shopping. I really only wanted to go to Aerie cause I had a coupon, but with my mother in tow I decided to shop around a little bit. The result? Some new sunglasses, a purse for Casey, and two pretty awesome finds for my newer 'professional' (ish) wardrobe. Hey, I gotta start stocking up now, especially if I get an internship in London (still not 100% sure on that one yet). Anyway, here they are:

First, an awesome pair of grey pinstriped pants from New York & Company- on sale of course:

The best thing about the pants is the fact that they actually fit me length-wise. Usually, I have to get all my pants shortened because, well, I'm so short that they don't fit.
I'm quite pleased.

Second, a really cute dark grey blazer from Charlotte Russe:

I'm excited about them, not too happy with spending money
when I have to make a deposit for London soon, but hey, it's all worth it, so I can't be too unhappy.

In other news, and speaking of London, my father is super excited about me going. I can tell. He lived in England for a couple of years when he was in the service and was telling me all of the places I should go. He even remembers a bunch of the streets and tube stops I have to take to get there. I really hope they can visit me while I'm there!

Anyway, then I saw Easy A, which was very good, I liked it a lot. Highly recommended. Aaand that's about it. Oh yeah, I caught up on all the Say Yes to the Dress episodes that I missed. Aaah I love that show.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Life is good

I'M GOING TO LONDON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thankfully everyone got in. Major stress = relieved. Now just comes the stress of getting all the paperwork done for visas and everything, flat hunting, packing and getting stuff over there, and everything else.

But it doesn't matter cause WE ARE ALL GOING TO LONDON!!!!!!

In other news, I get to go home tomorrow! I didn't think I'd be this excited, but I have missed home a lot this year, maybe in anticipation for next semester, plus Ithaca has been intense this semester. I need a break.

gah I'm so excited about life right now!

Just have to get through this OBM exam!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Things I would appreciate

There are some things right now that I would really appreciate:

I would really appreciate it if professors didn't all decide to assign massive amounts of homework around mid terms. Life would be fine if I only had tests to study for, not presentations to prepare for, papers to write, movies to watch, etc.

I would really appreciate knowing my grade on my marketing test. Please. It's been a week. It's on a scantron. That means they put it through a machine and it grades it for you. How long does it take to walk down to ITS, pick them up and look at/input the grades? I mean, I'm being unfair. She has other stuff to do. But really, I want to know.

I would really appreciate knowing if I am going to London next semester or not. I hate anticipation for things like this. I like the anticipation of a movie coming out (like harry potter 7) but not critical things like did I get in to the program?

I would appreciate if Ithaca would not start doing loud work that involves banging until at least 8. I hate being woken up at like 7 in the morning by clanging and crap.

I would appreciate it if Fall Break could just get here fast.

Oh, and I would appreciate winning the lottery. Cause that would be cool.

Friday, October 1, 2010


Work is really boring. Whether its me making whoppers or TAing, I'm always bored. I'm sitting here in the computer lab without anything to do. I've done my project grading, my Italian homework, even some homework that's not due till Thursday!

So, I haven't been updating often because I'm so busy that when I get back to the room all I do is crash and veg out with mindless TV or stuff (Modern Family is a favorite) because I can't handle anymore thinking. Oh well.

I've gotten through all of my first major exams in classes. Ithaca skies sympathized with my hectic day yesterday by proceeding to downpour for hours on end. Like literally, the forecast was 100% rain all day.

Anyway, I'm making progress in life, sleeping a little better (with the exception of when people are extremely loud in the bathroom and hallways late at night), and getting through this hellish semester with the hope of London carrying me through. I hope to find out soon whether we all got in or not.

In other news, it's almost fall break and I can't wait. I kind of need a break from Ithaca, as I have spent a lot of time here, what with spending half of my summer in the sweltering heat of the two towers (sorry, I can't resist throwing that in there whenever I can). Plus there's some things I need to get at home, so that will be a nice change of pace.

God. Time must slow down when I'm taing. I still have over half an hour. Ugh. At least it's Friday. Apple Fest this weekend!