Thursday, October 7, 2010

Things I would appreciate

There are some things right now that I would really appreciate:

I would really appreciate it if professors didn't all decide to assign massive amounts of homework around mid terms. Life would be fine if I only had tests to study for, not presentations to prepare for, papers to write, movies to watch, etc.

I would really appreciate knowing my grade on my marketing test. Please. It's been a week. It's on a scantron. That means they put it through a machine and it grades it for you. How long does it take to walk down to ITS, pick them up and look at/input the grades? I mean, I'm being unfair. She has other stuff to do. But really, I want to know.

I would really appreciate knowing if I am going to London next semester or not. I hate anticipation for things like this. I like the anticipation of a movie coming out (like harry potter 7) but not critical things like did I get in to the program?

I would appreciate if Ithaca would not start doing loud work that involves banging until at least 8. I hate being woken up at like 7 in the morning by clanging and crap.

I would appreciate it if Fall Break could just get here fast.

Oh, and I would appreciate winning the lottery. Cause that would be cool.

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