Sunday, October 27, 2013

Art, Talent Show, Dog Cafe and more!

Lots to tell you about this week!!! Well, more like show. Lots of pictures to show you!!

So my 6th graders were doing a lesson on "It's Time to Help the Earth" and they had to make posters. These are some good ones
I loved his geography


also cute

It was also talent week at my school so lots of their art was on display:

Impressions of the face of god

 And then I saw this at a subway station...?

Since it was talent week, there was also a talent show! The kids have been practicing since I got to school, so they were really excited. But we don't have room/time to make it a schoolwide event, so I only got to go when I didn't have class, which means I got to see the 4th graders

A jump rope routine to that crayon pop song 

The recorder

a play about an apple tree

lol he was a tree stump 


magic tricks

another dance to Crayon Pop

a disco dance haha

cute line dance

playing the ocarina 

So random, but here's another example of Korean pizza- seafood pizza- complete with crab legs and shrimp.

Friday we decorated for Halloween! 

and then we took a bunch of pics

I teach 4th and some of 5th grade with Young Ah

Young Ah is being silly in the back behind Hae In,
my 6th grade co teacher
 And then Friday night, Sarah and I went with Hae In and Young Ah to an indie club
in Hongdae where Hae In's friend's band was playing. SO FUN

So this guy was leaving for the army in 2 weeks, and decided to rip his shirt off in the middle of his performance. not that I minded. 

 Other stuff!
couple's shoes on the subway

poems on the subway doors. Love this one

this is that one in Korean ^

My halloween costume- an Ajumma. If you
have lived in Korea, you know who they are. If
you haven't, google it. 

delicious pumpkin donut!!!

shopping center in Hapjeong

"Army soup," kind of like a stone soup thing. Essentially it's
like leftovers all thrown together- super delicious. It had lots of
meat, dumplings and noodles!


Hyun Woo getting nervous as the dogs surround him

some have sweaters

he stayed like that for a good 2 minutes

this little guy didn't want us to leave


Dog cafes are definitely more rowdy than their feline equivalent, but they're also a bit more interactive and fun. We had a great time, and I will most definitely be going back in the future. 

I'm getting my first haircut in Korea tomorrow (Monday) and I'm SUPER nervous haha. Keep your fingers crossed it isn't a total disaster!