Sunday, October 13, 2013

Totally addicted


Ok, things you have to embrace when you start liking kpop:

Tight pants


CRAZY hair

will the video make sense? Probably not

Crazy clothes


Mid sentence costume changes

Weird pants


Random English. Will it make sense? PROBABLY NOT

SO here is your semi-regular Kpop update. Basically, other songs that I really like that you should know

Ok so Big Bang is my favorite Kpop group, which is why they are featured here most time. This song is actually a bit older, but my students still know it. If I happen to say "Wow!" in class, one of them almost invariably says (or shouts) "Fantastic Baby!!"

I'm DYING to go to one of their concerts. 

because how can you pass up a song called Ring Ding Dong? Most of the aforementioned list is featured in this video. They also rhyme "Fantastic" with "Elastic" here. Why? I'm not sure. But it's awesome

Oh, another G Dragon song?? SORRY NOT SORRY

Ok but this song is totally awesome. G Dragon is like the T Swift of Kpop in that a lot of his songs (like Crooked) are about breakups. This video is also really awesome cause I think it's about how exhausting being a party boy actually is, both mentally and physically. Or it's just GD being cray cray. There's that too.

So Crayon Pop isn't my favorite by any stretch of the imagination, but I'm putting this video on here because A.) Their name is Crayon Pop. Watch 1 of their videos and you'll be thoroughly entertained if not horrified, and B.) Because this song is probably one of the most ubiquitously played songs in Korea right now and it's impossible to avoid it. I hear it every time I am out shopping and even my 3rd graders know it.

I'm sorry, it's just hilarious.

Isn't kpop fun guys????

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