Friday, October 18, 2013

2 months in the Land of the Morning Calm

It's been another full week of school and my 2 month anniversary has come and gone. It really doesn't feel real that I've been here for 2 months already! I guess all the craziness of adjusting, sightseeing and working has made the time fly by!

This week was an interesting mix of weather situations, since Monday it was 80 degrees, but Tuesday dropped to legit fall temperatures and it was actually REALLY cold for like 2 days. Now it's back to moderately cool mornings and warmer afternoons, but the chill is definitely in the air (and in the school, which is really drafty). I'm trying to mentally prep myself for the harsh winter that I know is coming, but it's hard when it's still quite nice out. I also have to mentally prep myself because we don't have ANY holidays until CHRISTMAS. Here's to hoping for field trips and sports days!!!

I started taking a Korean class at a culture center in Sinchon, which is another student hang out/shopping area right next to Hongdae. It's not really a typical classroom setting or set up either, so it stressed me out a little bit. Especially because this is the first non roman alphabet language I've learned, so it's slow going and I got a bit overwhelmed and frustrated with myself. I was an excellent student in college, and so struggling with learning something just makes me really angry at myself.

I have to learn to start being kinder to myself, since I'm working and school isn't my only focus anymore. Plus adjusting to a completely different place that has so many new and exciting things causes quite a distraction. Plus, teaching is EXHAUSTING. I sympathize so much more with every single teacher I've ever had. Awkward silences, underestimated time, lessons that just don't go well, everything. All of it takes it's toll on you and generally the last thing I want to do when I get home is study Korean, but I want to be more dedicated to it since I want to start understanding what people are saying (especially my co workers and students), so I'm glad I signed up for the class. And Sarah is taking it with me, so I have someone to practice with!

I don't have jetsetting plans this weekend (unlike study abroad, where I was going somewhere almost every weekend), but I do have tentative plans to club in Hongdae with some EPIKers and maybe see my co teacher perform in a traditional drum concert thing? I can't remember what it is, but the fact that she invited me means she likes me so I feel obligated to go and show her that I am actually really interested in going (she kind of hesitantly suggested it cause she wasn't sure I would care). I LOVE seeing traditional Korean things, so I'm really excited to go! For some reason, a lot of my co workers don't think Westerners are interested in some of the cultural stuff. I don't know if that's residual thoughts from the old Native English Teachers or what, but I love when my co teachers invite me to stuff. I think it means they like me!!!

As per usual, here are some random pictures from my week. Yes. I did go to a cat cafe again. I had time to kill before class, and really, there was nothing that could have been a better use of my time. Obviously.

cute. This is on the way to work.
brightens my day!

mild and original chocolate milk  haha

a gift from one of my co teachers!

We got popular once we had food

also I can't remember if I ate these
at home but I am addicted here.

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