Monday, December 28, 2015

Finally! Performance Time!

Damn,what a week. I battled a cold for the beginning of the week, but, thankfully, all we did was make Christmas cards and watch the Grinch with my classes. 

performing in the finale oh yeaaaaaah I have the best face

The week was also a lot of preparation for our big Dance Joa show, so be ready for lots of pictures of that.

Got a cute card from a 4th grader!

the poster for the show

On Monday,  I wanted to rest, but my roots were
calling my name

no heat lamps in Korea... meaning my highlights
take foreverrrrr

Alas, I could not rest after my highlights, because we had to practice. A lot of us were feeling really sick, but we had fun goofing around with some of the other participants. We also worked really hard, obviously.

messing around with one of the guys from the 2pm team

we had to take some rehearsal pics too. working on angles

Rhythm Ta


We practiced late a lot of evenings, and were very often relegated to the tiny storage room downstairs because of other classes. Other teachers and teams admired our dedication. We really just wanted to prove that we could have fun, be excited and still perform well. 

We were meticulous. We took videos of our formations so we could memorize them at home, not that they were that difficult, just that time was so limited.

we won the previous rehearsal 'competition' and were super
stoked about it

Of course, I still had school things to do!

we made Christmas cakes with my camp kids on
the first 

I spent Christmas Eve with Young Ah, Hae In and another teacher from our school. We had a pajama party, so we grilled meat and gossiped, and it was all around a great time.

They gave me cat ears to wear

We even had a cake

I stayed out late, grateful to have such wonderful people to hang out with. The one teacher even said if I was Korean, we would have been friends a long time ago (as in for much longer than the 2 years I've been here), since I fit right in. Aw.

Cesca and I woke up Christmas morning for what is now our expat tradition of skyping the family on Christmas our time, Christmas Eve their time. Because the time difference is 14 hours, they'd have to get up early for both of us to be talking  on Christmas day, so this is how we manage. 

Skype Christmas is the best we can do

Ces and I were exhausted from school, practice and being sick, so we had a pretty low key Christmas. After we skyped, we just hung out and napped and watched TV for most of the day, before packing up and heading to her apartment for the evening.

We watched this adorable 2 episode drama called Splash
Splash Love, about a modern girl who accidentally time
travels back to the Joseon Dynasty and helps the King.

Image result for splash splash love

Image result for splash splash love

We took advantage of the season to use a
Christmas face mask

how do we look

Christmasy right?

Rudolph the Red Handed Murder Suspect is more like it

We had to rest up, because we spent Saturday from 11:30 am to 9:30 pm ish at the studio doing a final rehearsal. SO LONG. 

In Korean style, they kept changing things at the last minute, making practice a liiiiittle frustrating. 

We made the best of it. 

We were exhausted, but had to rally because we had to be at the theater at 11 am for tech and dress rehearsal. The day of. We practiced right till 5:30 and the show started at 6. We weren't on the the whole time, so we took lots of sill pictures backstage. 

it was hectic like dress rehearsals and recitals
used to be

Pau doing Cesca's eyebrows

Katie and Grace


almost showtime

final lip touches

all of our hats

After party with the performers. WE GOT MEAT YUM


post meal carnage

with out teacher, whom I love dearly!

More pics from other phones

with 2 of the other teachers while we waited foreverrr

dress rehearsal 

ew i love this picture of us

2 pm team and another teacher

the participants. Lovely, wonderful people~

All in all, it was exhausting but fun in the end. I'll try to keep in mind how exhausted I was... My brain is starting to romanticize everything haha!


One of the other groups did 4minute's Hot Issue and it has been stuck in my head for ages.