Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Sick blah

Well, all the late night practices and cold got to me. After a successful, albeit all day, practice sunday, I headed home feeling a little blah, and by the time I got home, I felt terrible. Why do I always come down with a cold near Christmas??

It was a fast week because it being hectic-ly busy meant no to time to stop and rest. Just go go go.

It was a pretty normal week though. Finishing up lessons with my kids and preparing Christmas filler lessons for this week, and studying up on Korean for my test. Alas, I also had to head to the studio a bunch of evenings, but it was worth it on Sunday when we showed great improvement. 

A surprise from my korean class instead of a test.
The free review class is moving and so there's no more
class. Bye bye review

Some of my students told me SO BEAUTIFUL
and it meant a lot on a day that I reaaaaally didn't
feel it

Oh nothing, just KILLED my eyeliner
and was proud of it

Bundle up time

Young Ah helped me make a happy
birthday video for my mom. Mom covered it
all, I'm so happy to have her

BRB crying

This is us spending ANOTHER full evening at the dance studio

Korean test prep for my exam Thursday. It went meh but I'm super
stoked since I'm almost done with intermediate

Someone sent me a pic of this card so I went to homeplus and bought
it, since it's obviously meant for me.

More bundle up time. Gonna go rob a bank

Trying to avoid that copyright

Cesca and I did a little shopping before hanging
with friends Friday. Found that majestic sweater

Comparing our faces haha. These pics randomly came up
during a year in review thing and I couldn't help but notice
how similar they came out!

Young Ah sent me a picture from her performance
this weekend. SO PRETTY!!!

After hanging with friends late into the night Friday (we played an awesome werewolf game Cesca is obsessed with), Cesca and I vegged out all day Saturday because we reaaaally needed it. 

We did have to go to the studio  in the evening to do some extra skit practice... Cesca and I got unwittingly dragged in because we're twins and cute. Sigh. 

After that, because Grace joined us even though she didn't have to, we went and hung out with her at a cafe till it closed. Seriously, the three of us could talk all night and not be bored.

Ces and I headed back to her apartment and slept as late as possible before heading out to lunch and back to the studio for all day practice. 

As good Americans who love spreading Christmas cheer, our class pitched in to buy our teachers some chocolate to show how much we love them, especially our waygookin teacher Soo Yeon. 

She was so excited she almost cried, made us take a bunch of selfies, and then asked how to express 감동 in English, being adorably confused by the fact that it means "touched" in the sense of "it touched my heart" not like, "touch this."

She said we surprised her and she's really thankful and let's be
together in the future

We also gave one to the studio teacher, who gasped about how it was the first Christmas present she ever got.

After an awesome practice where we were actually recognized for the hard work we have been putting in, I went home and went to bed early. Not feeling great but ready to start another week as our final week of the semester and final week of dance prep gets underway.

Next Sunday is the show, so the blog will definitely be late. Sorry! 

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