Monday, April 27, 2015

BigBang Comeback Concert and Azaleas Galore!!!

I don't really have any pictures since last Sunday, which means I didn't do much during the week that was memorable haha. 

The weekend more than made up for that tho!

My school on our bonding trip!

Major demolition outside of my school!!

We got paid Friday so we went shopping and hung out.


I can't even begin to describe what that
 English means

We decided it had been far too long since we hung out with cats, so we went to a cat cafe with cool loft seating.

This one really liked our straws

embracing our inner cat lady

he didn't want to leave Janell's sweater

On Saturday, I met up with some friends and headed across town to see BIGBANG!!!!

They're finally having a comeback after 3 years, and while this means nothing to most people at home, *I* was super excited about it!

It was super crowded and the lines for everything were crazy long

all of these people were waiting to pick up tickets


After a bit, we headed in. The lines moved fast and we headed up to our seats on the 3rd floor. Our view was still awesome and way less stressful than standing.

Nothing is more energizing than being in
a sea of light stick wielding fans singing
along to your favorite songs. 

The concert was AMAZING. One of the best, least stressful ones I've been to here. The energy was high, performances were awesome, and we even got to to be some of the first people to hear BIGBANG's new songs!! How awesome is that!!?!?

They definitely reminded me why they're one of my absolute favorite groups in Kpop.

His hair is SO weird for this comeback

On Sunday, Cesca and I woke up early, still sore but excited from the concert the night before. Waving those lightsticks and dancing sure is a workout!

We met a meetup group who was heading out to Goryosan, a mountain around 1.5 or 2 hours outside of Seoul, located on Ganghwa island. 

They were having an azalea festival, which wasn't really a festival so much as the azalea flowers on the mountain were blooming really nicely.

The hike was tough, but not nearly as bad as some others I've been on, even though I was ready to quite in the middle, of course. I always forget that I don't like wheezing my way up mountains...

At first, we weren't seeing too many flowers, but finally, after about 50 minutes of on and off hiking (ok, but Korean hiking is like, SUPER STEEP, DUSTY, SCARY hiking), we made it to one  of the peaks where the beautiful flowers were blooming!!

So pretty

We were so tired haha

back in good spirits after a rest

matching and exploring haha

It was hazy but nice outside. Nice breeze and beautiful sunshine

getting good shots

so many flowers!!!

we really enjoyed the hike after the actual hiking part


doing the flower pose among the flowers

Saying goodbye to the mountain

In traditional Korean fashion, we go there super late and came back super late because they didn't account for more traffic, since this was the last weekend to see the azaleas (the festival and their best blooming time ends the 30th).

Even though we were exhausted and Cesca was sick, we got great pictures and had a great time. I don't know if hiking or trekking will become a hobby anytime soon, but it was a lovely hike and also just capped off a fantastic weekend of fantastic friends, fantastic music and fantastic views. 

Coming back to school was a little bit of a bummer today, buuuut it's a shorter week (yeaaah holidays!!!)  and I've got lots of fun plans for the weekend with my friends and Cesca. 

Look forward to it (tho the update will probably be late next week as well. Sorry!!!)


Of course I've got BIGBANG on the brain so here's just a few of the best

This is from an old concert, but it gives you the feel of how energetic the fans are.

The song that will never die and gets every VIP pumped