Wednesday, April 28, 2010

More to discuss

Today I got an email from, which actually had the audacity to suggest the Love Never Dies deluxe edition to me. Blech. These people should be able to feel my undying hatred for the show since it radiates from every pore of my being. That's a bit extreme, and I honestly don't blame them for suggesting it, since I look at Phantom stuff all the time. I just had to scowl, then chuckle at the irony.

So I was listening to another LND song today, another which is pretty good but I have a ton of problems with. This song, called Devil Take the Hindmost, is a duet between Raoul and the Phantom, and takes place in a bar. A bar where Raoul has been drinking away his sorrows. Also, prior to the song, Meg, jealous of Christine for being the object of the Phantom's obsession, has given Raoul a letter begging him to take Christine and leave, and she has given him passage back to France for all three. Which leads to the song.

First Raoul declares that he's not afraid of him and that he's 'bested him before,' which I will comment on later because that comment is laughable, really. Anyway, the only really cool part of the song is when the Phantom appears and says "Not afraid of me, you say?" And Raoul's afraid. Because from what I've heard, that's about the only part of the show where the menacing, murdering man we all know and love appears. The rest of the time The Phantom seems to have mellowed out and become a good guy. Right...

Anyway, onto the song. Basically the summary is that the Phantom and Raoul make a bet. If Christine sings tonight, Raoul will leave, but if he convinces her not to sing, they can go back to France and the Phantom will pay off all of Raoul's debts. Raoul agrees because he won her once before. Then the Phantom taunts Raoul, asking who Gustave reminds him of, his 'father' or the Phantom, which gets Raoul thinking, then he's like "Oh, shit... The concert is tonight..."

What I hate about this song:
-The fact that Raoul is a drunk. Terrible characterization, terrible plot device to get the Phantom and Christine together.
-The fact that they make a bet on Christine's 'choice'- she's a professional, she's been contracted to sing, and nobody tells her that this bet is happening so nobody tells her that who she 'chooses' depends on whether or not she performs. Why wouldn't she perform? she's getting paid and because of Raoul's drunk ass they don't have any money. At the end Raoul realizes this is an idiotic thing and says "Oh God, what have I done?" I'm asking the same question Raoul, to ALW, "Oh God, what have you done?"
-The fact that the Phantom uses Gustave being musical as proof that the kid is his. Seriously. Christine AND her father are both very musical, it's possible the kid is Raoul's and inherited the music gene from Christine's side of the family. I mean yeah, I think the kid is the Phantom's, but the fact that they disregard the possibility that it isn't all for the sake of the 'plot' is annoying. The kid shouldn't really exist anyway, cause the Phantom and Christine shouldn't have had sex, Raoul shouldn't have become a drunk, and this whole sequel shouldn't have happened.
-The 'I've bested you before' and 'I won her long ago' crap. Because, if I remember correctly, which I do because I've seen the show, read the book, I know the show, Christine didn't chose Raoul. She accepted the Phantom and with the kiss told him she would stay with him. The Phantom, touched by this act of kindness and love, realizes that if you love someone you have to do what's best for them, and lets her go. So if that's her 'choosing' Raoul, well, then I guess it makes sense. But that wasn't her choosing. I mean yeah, she could have stayed, but at that point she really does love Raoul, and I believe she would be happy with him, which is why I generally disregard the sequel altogether. I also don't remember a point in the show where Raoul actually 'bested' the Phantom in any way...
-Also, Ramin and Joseph have really similar voices, so when they sing together, if you aren't listening closely, it's hard to tell who is who. Their voices aren't really distinct, which bugs me.

Things I like
-I like the beat and the way it's sung. Kind of like they're singing through their teeth because they hate each other. You can feel the intensity, though the intensity doesn't really make sense because none of this really happens. I'm treating this as the Epilogue of Harry Potter. I accept it exists, but I like to think that it's not the real ending. At all.
-I mentioned before, I LOVE the "Not afraid of me, you say?" I already explained that part

That's about it. I think the song is cool, but all the lyrics and the plot points it creates are ridiculous and bring it down.

So, another LND song to uh, 'enjoy,' Devil Take the Hindmost:

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I loathe myself for admitting this

I am disappointed in myself. Severely. Like so mad that I disgust myself.

Why these extreme feelings?


I have a song from Love Never Dies, the accursed Phantom of the Opera sequel that is rearing it's ugly face at the Adelphi Theatre at this very moment, stuck in my head. Unacceptable.

Granted, when Till I Hear You Sing came out, I had that song stuck in my head. Because really, it is beautiful. It is something the Phantom would sing, in theory, although I find the less than stellar lyrics to be somewhat of a disappointment. It's like, its supposed to be the Phantom singing, but I don't feel that it is... If that song is supposed to be the Music of the Night (arguably one of the BEST songs in The Phantom of the Opera), I shudder to think about the rest of the music.

Though think about it I have. I have listened to the vast majority of the soundtrack, or at least what I could scrounge up from the internet. There's no way in hell ALW will be getting my money from LND. He will however, still be making money, as I frequent the original with some regularity nowadays, so those who say ALW doesn't need my money, you're right, but he's getting it anyway so stop complaining because I don't like your little show. Sorry, pent up rage from all the nasty comments I get on youtube saying I'm a non-fan. Right. Me, with the Phantom tattoo and about 57 different versions of Phantom on my ipod. Right. You got me guys. I'm a fraud.

Alright, so the point of this blog is that the song I have stuck in my head is absolutely atrocious. I mean, the music is actually really pretty, but this particular song develops one of the plot points I find most atrocious: that Gustave is Erik's (The Phantom's) son. This particular song is called Beneath a Moonless Sky, and is the song where Christine and the Phantom first encounter each other after ten years. They recount their passion filled night (coincidentally, it is the night before Christine gets married, so yeah, she's turned into a whore. Great characterization there) where the Phantom admits that after they shagged for hours on end (the lyrics are "again and then again", implying multiple times. Ugh) the Phantom feels guilty about screwing her (because he feels his monstrous face isn't worthy of her), so he leaves because he thinks Christine will regret having sex with a monster.

Yeah dude, because she SOUGHT you out, had sex with you and was going to admit her love (she didn't think to say "I love you" in the throes of passion? WTF is WRONG with these people!?!?!?) and you threw it all away because of your god damn face. Which she already said she was totally over in the original ("This haunted face holds no horror for me now" DO YOU EVEN REMEMBER YOUR ORIGINAL ALW????)

So, things I hate about this song:
The fact that Christine was able to find the Phantom
The fact that they had sex and she didn't even see his face. Like "yeah, we could have been together if I didn't have to look at you" is the implication I get from that
The fact that they had sex
The fact that the Phantom leaves
The fact that Christine, knowing she doesn't (apparently) love Raoul that much, goes and marries him anyway, which apparently introduces the plot point of him becoming an unsatisfied drunk
The fact that them having sex 10 years ago seems to justify the fact that her 10 year old son is the Phantoms- if this took place the night before her wedding, I am guessing Raoul got a little action too, since that's what people do on their wedding nights, so the kid could easily be Raoul's
The fact that The Phantom fucking leaves. God, like after all that love and devotion, he doubts she loves him now, after she chose him TWICE!? (She chose to stay in the original, but he let her go so she could live a happy life with Raoul- the true ending to the ghost's love story). SO OUT OF CHARACTER IT ISN'T EVEN FUNNY.
I also hate the lyrics "I stole to your side to tell you I must go" WTF, she went to tell him she was leaving, again, to marry Raoul. Way to rub salt in the wounds bitch.

On that note though, the lyrics have been changed to "I stole to your side, tormented by my choice" which actually makes sense in the context of both the song and craptastic musical.

Enough with the negativity, things I like about the song
The instrumental part in the beginning. No matter how much I loathe ALW at the moment, the man can write melodies, though he rips many off from his other shows and other people's works without crediting them. But that's beside the point.
The staging is actually cool for this part, from what I've seen on youtube. They kind of circle each other and there's all this sexual tension as they relive their passionate one night of heaven blah blah blah but they never actually touch in the scene. Except when Christine slaps the Phantom. Which he totally deserves.
And honestly, the part of me that knows and truly believes the Phantom and Christine belong together is rejoicing in my heart, because although the rest of the story is a clusterfuck, for that time they got to truly be with the one they loved. Which is beautiful and sad at the same time, because it never happens again. Because Christine dies. In a stupid way.

So yeah, sorry it's so long, just had to comment on one part of the show that isn't completely unbearable in some ways, though I would just be happier if this whole sequel business had never even started.

I would say enjoy, but perhaps I'll stick with endure Beneath a Moonless Sky, sung by Ramin Karimloo and Sierra Boggess:

You may recognize the melody from the 2004 film. It is the song Journey to the Cemetery. FYI.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Dimmi che tu mi amerai per sempre

So, I looked at the amount of blogs I have for April. And it is seriously lacking, since I updated almost daily in March.

But honestly, there isn't much to talk about. We have 3 weeks left. 10 days of classes. I have 3 days of finals. Then that's it. Done. Finito. Niente piu. And I don't know if I'm happy or sad. Perhaps both. I'm happy to go home, hang with friends, come back, be an OL, hang some more, see Phantom in Cleveland and have a great summer. But that also means that year one is over. I only have 3 years left of college. Somehow it seemed longer, but judging by how fast this year went, I'll be done before I know it. YIKES!

So this was just a short update before lunch. I'm just mulling things over while listening to Il Fantasma dell'Opera, cause I just gave a copy of the CD to my professoressa. Which was a good idea. She really liked it, but I was worried she'd be creeped out or something. But she wasn't. I hope she likes someone that really is into Italian and isn't just taking the class cause I need a language requirement or a liberal arts credit. Cause I don't need either actually. So yeah, that's my update about that.

PS- The title of my blog today comes from the song Nient'Altro Chiedo Piu. Sooo good.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

I hate eyebrows

More specifically, tweezing them. WTF. You pluck and pull and tweeze for a really long time, painstakingly scouring your T zone for wandering hairs that just don't fit, and for what? So you can look in the mirror the next week and see 17 more stray hairs just mocking you, daring you to go through the pain and torture of waxing or plucking them away.

I have no use for these trivial things.

On another note, our new video series that we started this week, Doubts About Dorming, is up and running.

Even though you guys have probably seen it, maybe some others I don't know will tune in. Here's our newest (and by newest I mean 2nd video, first carefully planned one), Insults:

Enjoy!!! Share the joy with your friends, family, acquaintances, enemies, whatever! More to come soon!

Monday, April 19, 2010


So, despite a wonderful evening with my lovely ladies which involved much laughter and an almost-concussion, I am still down. I'm not depressed. I'm not even really upset about anything. I'm just empty inside. It's like I'm floating in the vast emptiness of space. Nothing to look forward to but the black abyss.

I kind of always get this way at the end of the year. Despite my love for Ithaca and everything here, I just want it to be over, although I simultaneously wish college life would last forever. I don't want to go into the real world, I just want summer. Although summer will inevitably bring seemingly endless hours at Burger King, made brighter by 3 things. 1.) OL-ing this summer for about a month. Thank god.

On that note, Aaron the RD happened across me today in the stairwell and said "Christina! I didn't know you were going to be an OL!"

Me: (Inside me head) I didn't know you knew my name! *out loud* Yup! I am!

Aaron: I'm your supervisor this summer!

Me: Really? That's awesome!

Aaron: This summer is going to be so much fun!

But I digress. Aaron is nice and this OL-ing should be fun. Anyway, numero due: The Ren Fest. We went last year, are going this year and I'm super excited to don my corset once more. And eat turkey legs. And watch the joust. Oh yeah, it's gonna be awesome.

And probably the best part. Me+Tickets to Phantom in Cleveland=Ultimate summer. Oh yeah. That's right. I'm going to see it again. Since this is the last time I'll be able to see the tour, it is especially important that I be there. So yeah, showing my undying love for the original while still despising the sequel will be a big part of summer.

Other than that, I'm down on myself for plenty of things: My lack of confidence, coolness and beauty. Don't get me wrong. I'm passable, pretty wise. I don't turn heads though. I'm not the kind of girl guys work up courage to talk to. I'm shy and easy to overlook. But what can I do? The answer: I simply exist. That's really all I can do. I don't feel like I have a point or purpose. Blech. I hate these kinds of days.

Currently listening to "You're Beautiful" by James Blunt, because the last lines seem fitting for my situation right now.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I don't know why you say goodbye

So now that scheduling is all figured out, for the most part, I am less stressed about life. I have a plan and if I stick to it, I should be all set for completing everything I want. So that's really awesome.

Happily, I signed up for my minor today, so I am almost officially minoring in Italian. I am very excited about this fact, because in the same vein (as in, the vein of Italian) my professoressa told us today that we only have 2 more verb tenses to learn in 102 and just one in 201 if we so choose to continue. Which I obviously have. So, while this semester has been grammar intensive, it is totally worth it! Now we are probably just going to be learning nitpicky stuff, and when I say now I mean next semester. Which is practically now.

That is an exciting and scary prospect. I'm excited since our first year is almost over, but a little sad too. It kind of flew by. It seems like only a few days ago I was shedding a couple of tears as my parents left me here, and I just wanted to go home. Now I kind of want to go home to see friends and family, but this is also like my home (and will be for part of the summer). So I'm sad too, because I don't want these 4 years to fly by and me to miss out on things or regret things, and I'm worried about the future after college, what with jobs and families and all of that that I refuse to think about until at least junior year.

So, Glee started again, and it wasn't what I expected it to be. It was funny and awesome, but I'm just sad about the whole Will/Emma thing, but I'm not giving up! I think Will just needs to find himself and in doing so will realize that Emma is the one for him. So yeah. That's what I want. I also want Jonathan Groff's character to not be a douchebag, but apparently that isn't going to happen. Meh, it's a pretty formulaic show, but I LOVE it all the same. Extra points because they mentioned Phantom in the episode.

I was really agitated yesterday and didn't feel like accomplishing homework, so I did something much more important- leveled up my characters in Final Fantasy VIII. There is nothing like laying waste to hundreds of random monsters to get the bad energy out. Anyway, since that makes almost no sense to nongamers, I'll be brief with this section. Sarah and I are making excellent progress, which I am pleased with. I'm also pleased with the fact that I can balance gaming with normal social activities and haven't become a recluse in my room like some gamers we know, like World of Warcraft. Cause that's just odd. And gives normal gamers a bad reputation.

This week has also been better in the fact that I am sleeping better during the night. I fall asleep without too much tossing and turning, and sleep relatively soundly for most of the night, something I have been having problems with for the last few weeks. So hopefully my body has righted itself and I won't be so tired all the time. Naps are still good.

Also, while mailing things at the post office, some lady said I should fill out an application (Sarah too) because I have a good personality and my parents work at the post office so I have 'experience.' Which is good, hopefully I'll have a job (or 2 if I get COMP TA), but I hope she realizes that because my parents work at the Post Office, I NEVER learned how to mail stuff. I'd just give it to my mom and she'd do it for me. Sooooooooo yeah... Oh well, it is still an opportunity so I might as well try.

So that's about it. Random update, but I'm a bit bored, procrastinating a bit, and waiting for Cesca to call so there isn't much point in starting any homework. Yup. Sounds about right to me. Especially since part of my homework involves studying for Macro, a class that is the bane of my existence, although I am inexplicably good at it. No idea how/why, but I'm not complaining.

Currently listening to Hello Goodbye from Glee (even though I know its a Beetles song) cause it has been stuck in my head all day. Enjoy

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Planning life is stressful

I hate all of this planning. Planning next semester, next spring, the next 3 years. Gah. I should just be a normal kid and not do all this extra minors and concentrations and junk and just be normal. But no. I have to study abroad twice and do Honors and minor in Italian.

I'm worried about being able to afford London and Italy, but they both should cost about the same as IC tuition, and the experience, I think, will be well worth the cost. I mean, what could be better than learning Italian in Italy? Although, but Junior year I will hopefully be pretty proficient.

Anyway, it's a boring Sunday morning. Sarah and Alyssa are still in bed, and I should be getting ready for breakfast. Not much to do today, I have a meeting from 2-4 and a little bit of studying to do, but other than that, I'll probably be playing Final Fantasy VIII!!!! We are already on disk 2, which means we are that much closer to my favorite parts, which mostly happen on 3. I don't want it to be over so fast, but then I remember we have a loooooooong way to go. I have lots of side quests I need to do eventually, so I'll have to get on that.

Well, that's the update. I am trying not to think about registration since it always makes me nervous, but hey, housing worked out, so I'm hoping this will too.


Monday, April 5, 2010

Not much new

So, I feel strange since I haven't updated in a while, even though there isn't much to say about life.

Cesca came and went. It was wonderful, I loved seeing her, showing her around, she loved Ithaca and got to meet my friends (Minus Casey) but if all goes well we will actually be able to hang out in Europe, as we will both be there next Spring.

Other than that, not much. Life is going on as normal here. I don't have much homework right now, which is odd, but I'm not complaining. I just feel like I'm not putting in enough effort, but then I look at my assignments and there aren't any, so I can't really put more effort into doing nothing... Besides studying Italian, which I actually do devote the proper amount of time to. Sarah and I are making progress in FFVIII. If worst comes to worst, I'll have to cram it during finals week, no big deal, I'm not too concerned. We can do it! We still have a month and a half to go...

So, onto my musical obsession of the week- West Side Story (with Sunset Boulevard mixed in). I still have my Phantom and Music Man mixed in, but I REEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLLYYY want to watch WSS because it is really a great musical and Liz hasn't seen it. Muy importante.

So yeah, that's life right now. I'm drifting in an endless plane of existence with summer just on the horizon. Then freshman year will be over. Yikes.

Enjoy Me Siento Hermosa (I Feel Pretty sung in Spanish in the revival of WSS) by the beautiful Josefina Scaglione. The song starts at about a minute in.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

I'm walking on SUNSHINE!!!!

God, it's just so beautiful out. Today is going to be a wonderful day. I barely have any homework, just the usual, study Italian, study Stats. Not surprising. Maybe I'll make some more progress in Final Fantasy VIII.

Probably the best part of today is that fact that Macroecon got canceled, and I couldn't be happier. I feel bad, because my professor loves what he does and is super nice, but that class is just torture. It's sooooo boring, and I have no idea how I managed an A. I mean, I got a freaking 99 on the last exam, yet I'm tempted to fall asleep in every class. I take pre-econ naps when I get the chance just so I can stay awake. So yeah, none of that crap today!

In other news, the weather is finally beautiful! It's supposed to be over 70 today and nearly 80 tomorrow! Hellooooo cute summer outfits! Also, Sarah is getting her tattoo soon and I am excited to be a part of the experience, given I have one myself. I can't wait to show it off again!

Best news, CESCA IS COMING TO VISIT!!!! She should be here around 5 on Friday, and I just can't wait to see her and show her life at Ithaca, since I got to see her school and meet her friends. So yeah. That's life today.

I'm feeling pretty good.

Currently listening to John Barrowman sing Maria from West Side Story. Because it's still stuck in my head. It is now on my playlist with Music Man. This is all Sarah's fault.