Tuesday, April 23, 2013


Ugh. I don't really have much to update you all on, since life has just been incredibly busy but also incredibly uninteresting. Buuut I don't have any immediate homework due, and I've been sitting in the office for my office hours for about 4 hours now, with another one to go, and I'm incredibly bored. And thus, a boring blog post was born.

I've really just been bopping around, finishing up some assignments and prepping for the end. Which is in about 3 weeks, including finals (of which, I have few- a paper and a possible oral exam). Other than that, I have a lot of senior things to do, such as an awards thing for the Business School, a senior Honors banquet, a Beta Gamma Sigma thing, and another awards thing. All by next Monday.

In other fun news, I had to physically call my Italian professor, Marella, for an oral presentation on Monday. At 9 am. I hate talking on the phone in English, so Italian is rough. I also was supposed to be arranging English lessons for her (she was gonna be my student) and I mistakenly said English isn't my mother language and that I was Italian. Which Marella subsequently made fun of me for. Meh, you win some, you lose some.

Other things. Well, I'm visiting Cesca this weekend for her Spring Weekend, then coming back and seeing my parents, who are coming to the Beta Gamma Sigma induction ceremony (I'm already a member, but am being honored as a graduating senior).

I'm looking at my list of assignments that are left, and it's winding down rather quickly. I'm a few presentations and papers away from being all done, and I can't believe it.

Tonight I'm going to see a play, An Enemy of the People, because my freshman year roommate, Alyssa, is the stage manager for it, and I want to be supportive, as its her final theater endeavor here. I want to see all her hard work come to fruition. Maybe after this weekend she will finally have time to have a coffee date with Sarah and me! We've been trying to arrange it for months, and have thus far been frighteningly unsuccessful.

I also seriously need to work on my list of restaurants I want to eat at in Ithaca, because I'm a fail and haven't done that yet. But ugh. Spending money. Waaah.

I'm being all over the place, but Cesca and I just got the most awesome Mother's Day gift for my mom and we can't wait to give it to her. So much so that I'm facetiming cesca while my parents are here on Sunday and we are giving it to her then. I LOVE giving gifts, especially unexpectedly. Can't wait to see her face!!!

Well. I'm out of things to talk about- see? Busy but boring life. Oh well. Hope you all enjoy your day/night/life. Ciao for now!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Decisions, Decisions

So I haven't updated for a while because I've been busy with life, the universe and job searching. I received an interview from the EPIK program and I didn't want to jinx it, so I didn't say anything.


I'm currently gathering up all of my documents to send over to Korea so that I can officially be recommended to the department of education and officially get a contract.

Now I know that going to South Korea still sounds crazy at the moment, but a friend of mine sent me a notice that the US Embassy in Korea still sees no reason for concern or evacuation. Hopefully by August, things will have calmed down and war will have been avoided.

Sarah got in too! Which is really exciting, cause that means we will be able to be travel buddies again! I want to see tons of things in Korea, and try to get to the Great Wall of China and some parts of Japan too. I know I'm going there to work, but travel isn't far from my mind.

To think, I'm only 22 and I'll have lived in 3 different countries! I'm extremely nervous, but very excited. Now I just have to get all the paperwork in.

I'm having a slight dilemma, as there is another opportunity I want to take part in. Cornell has an internship program called tthe AIESEC Cornell Internship Program which is a global community in over 100 countries that has lots of business internships, including teaching abroad. I could join their database and look for an internship through them, or I could stay with the EPIK program and go to Korea like originally planned. I apparently can join the network at any time, so I was debating joining it before the end of my year in Korea to look for a job when I get home (another job abroad, that would be really awesome, wouldn't it?) and go through there, hoping that the internship turns into a full time job, or just a great springboard into new things. But I'm really excited about the EPIK program. I'm not sure what to do.

I guess if things go poorly in Korea in the next few months, I would still have the option of searching for a job through AIESEC... Meh, time will tell, but it's nice to finally have some options!