Sunday, April 12, 2015

Yeouido and Yeojachingu

In full swing for April!! Woo!!! I couldn't avoid the cold going around, so I was not in super high spirits for the week. It wasn't a bad cold, just a constant runny and stuffy nose, and a late night cough. Ugh. Thankfully, I've been stocking up on remedies (and getting some from Mom), so all there was to do was really just wait it out.

Despite the sick, I had a pretty good week.

They trimmed all the trees at school O.O

our special lunch was a broccoli soup bread bowl!!!
I was in heaveeeen

and some delicious meat things. It was the best
lunch ever. I don't even want to know how many
calories I consumed.

And then I got the worst placed cut everrr

My co worker made fishcake soup for
all of us on Thursday. Yum!

Mom had warned me a care pacakge was coming, but that it had had to be smaller this time. I think she was joking, because this is only a sample of what arrived.

Mom, you keep using that word. I do not think
it means what you think it means.

So yeah, that's awesome. Obviously, this is not all for me. But even splitting it up with Cesca means I still have a good stash of American candies in my house, though I'm deff falling behind the rate mom sends stuff. I'm happy she thinks of me and my snacks so often haha. 

Like I said, it was a typical week of teaching. Taught my sixth graders about emotions and reasons (Why are you so happy? Because I got a new bike!), 5th about prepositions, 4th about phonics and vowel pronunciation, and 3rd about action verbs like Jump! Catch! etc. It was a full and fun week!

Except for the cold. I don't like drugging myself to sleep, but after a few loooong and restless nights, I caved. 

I also drink juice a lot when sick. For the vitamins.
It's apparently specifically for colds...?

On Friday, I hung out with people from my apartment building and tried to go to bed early.

On saturday, I got up early, hauled myself across town, and taught English at a North Korean refugee center. I'm interested in volunteering more in Korea, but I'm not sure if I want to teach English on my day off... Still, it was worth checking out!

After working with a sixth grader on was/were, I met up with Lauren and Cesca to check out a new BBQ restaurant.

It was awesome because this picture was on the wall
behind me haha

It was delicious and filling (especially the mashed potatoes!!), so we headed to Yeouido to walk it off. 

It was quite crowded because the area is famous for cherry blossoms and is right by the river, but since it was nighttime, it wasn't hoooorrible.

We saw a street performer right outside the station. He was decent and fun.

A nice view of the Sixty Three Building at dusk

Seoul is pretty

We had already seen plenty of cherry blossoms during the day, so walking under them at night was cool, especially when we got to the part where they light them up different colors!!!

I told them I wanted a casual walking
picture and this is what they gave me haha

It was a lot of fun but the walking wore me out... I headed back with Cesca to her apartment and took Nyquil there and went to sleep, wherein I had a vivid dream about my Mom and Dad renewing their wedding vows...? I guess I miss you guys a lot!!!

On Sunday, Cesca and I met up with a few other friends and tried our hand at a kpop dance class!!! It was soooo fun but sooo hard!!! I am NOT cut out for fast paced girly dancing. I'll have to see if I can handle any other Kpop dances any better, like the slower ones haha. 

It was super fun, and a great workout. I returned home, did laundry and now am sitting here mulling over how next week will go. Hopefully, I'm on the tail end of this cold so I think I should be feeling 100% soon.

I have a teacher field trip this week. I'm not 100% sure what we will be doing (I'm never even 75% sure of what's going on at school, honestly...) but I hope it will be a good and painless experience! At least I can practice some Korean?

Young Ah has been helping me a lot lately. She sat down with me for an hour on Friday to help me with the passive tense in Korean. My Korean is definitely getting better, but it's taking A LOT of hard work. I'm so glad she's helping me!!!

Feeling a headache coming on, so I'm off to bed. Hope spring finally arrives (not this freaky in between stuff)!!! Love to all!


This is the song did today in dance class. We only got through like 1:30 in the 2 hours we practiced. I can't imagine how hard those girls worked!! ALL WHILE SMILING

And here's the music video

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