Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Korea's Foundation Story

October 3rd is called the "Opening of the Heavens Day" because it is the day, you guessed it, that the heavens opened and a god came down.

So I have a four day weekend this week because tomorrow, the third, is a holiday celebrating the foundation of Korea. And my school decided coming back for one day was pointless. YAY.

So I thought I would summarize how Korean people came to be. For funsies. It's also an abridged version for a quick and informative read.

Ok, so there was a god named Hwanung and he came down to earth. A tiger and a bear went to him and said "Please let us be human!"

So Hwanung handed them some garlic (20 cloves, I think. Don't quote me) and said, "If you can stay in this cave and only eat garlic for 100 days, I'll let you become human." So into the cave they went.

After a few days, the tiger said "NOPE. I'M DONE." and left.

The bear, however, stayed in the cave and only ate the garlic. And so it was turned into a human because of its perseverance.

Of course, the bear didn't just turn into any human. It was turned into a woman and so then Hwanung and the bear woman got married and had a baby, and that, my friends, is where the Korean people come from.

You're welcome.

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