Sunday, October 6, 2013

Kpop education!

SO MUCH STUFF HAPPENED THIS WEEKEND. Yes, this is all the same weekend as the Lantern Festival and Fireworks. I cannot believe I am seeing all of this stuff- READ THIS POST FIRST

So now we have made it to Sunday.

Ok, so there was a festival this weekend (maybe longer, actually, but this Sunday was a special day) in Seoul called the Gangnam Hanryu Festival, which involved a free Kpop concert with popular bands. I posted all of my pictures, even though we were far away and the pics kind of suck, but it was still awesome.

Originally, Sarah and I gave up because there were WAY TOO MANY PEOPLE, but then another friend texted us and said she found spots on the side of the street, so we headed over there and got an ok view. I'm still too short to see over people, even asians, sooooo most of the time I was watching via the screens or through other people's cameras. 

The guests were as follows (with an accompanying KPOP video, for your info).

First up, EXO

After hearing this song everywhere, I actually really started to like them. My 6th graders are going to be so jealous that I saw EXO. LOL

Girl's Day
They actually did one of my favorite kdrama OST songs, Cupid or Shiny Boy from City Hunter


I actually don't know much about them, but they were really good. Gotta start listening!

I like this song, though I don't know why so many videos involve cowboy clothes?? 

Or fringe. 


Ok and I was probably most excited about SHINee!!

I already posted my favorite SHINee song a while back, but I also really like this video (especially the dancing haha It's a bit ridiculous but also ridiculously AWESOME)

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