Sunday, October 17, 2010

Fall Break

So, as I sit in my dorm room waiting for everyone else to come back, I figured I'd update about how fall break went.

It was lovely and relaxing, and truthfully, a bit boring. Nobody else was home for fall break, which made Wednesday night and Thursday pretty dull. I got most of my homework done though. yeah, that screams thrilling time, doesn't it?

So Friday I ran some errands and picked up som
e essentials I needed like hair stuff and chocol
ate, then a night hung out with Ronnie. We watched District 9, which was actually really cool and interesting. Not a huge fan of the ending, but still, it was really good.

Saturday I went shopping. I really only wanted to go to Aerie cause I had a coupon, but with my mother in tow I decided to shop around a little bit. The result? Some new sunglasses, a purse for Casey, and two pretty awesome finds for my newer 'professional' (ish) wardrobe. Hey, I gotta start stocking up now, especially if I get an internship in London (still not 100% sure on that one yet). Anyway, here they are:

First, an awesome pair of grey pinstriped pants from New York & Company- on sale of course:

The best thing about the pants is the fact that they actually fit me length-wise. Usually, I have to get all my pants shortened because, well, I'm so short that they don't fit.
I'm quite pleased.

Second, a really cute dark grey blazer from Charlotte Russe:

I'm excited about them, not too happy with spending money
when I have to make a deposit for London soon, but hey, it's all worth it, so I can't be too unhappy.

In other news, and speaking of London, my father is super excited about me going. I can tell. He lived in England for a couple of years when he was in the service and was telling me all of the places I should go. He even remembers a bunch of the streets and tube stops I have to take to get there. I really hope they can visit me while I'm there!

Anyway, then I saw Easy A, which was very good, I liked it a lot. Highly recommended. Aaand that's about it. Oh yeah, I caught up on all the Say Yes to the Dress episodes that I missed. Aaah I love that show.

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