Friday, October 1, 2010


Work is really boring. Whether its me making whoppers or TAing, I'm always bored. I'm sitting here in the computer lab without anything to do. I've done my project grading, my Italian homework, even some homework that's not due till Thursday!

So, I haven't been updating often because I'm so busy that when I get back to the room all I do is crash and veg out with mindless TV or stuff (Modern Family is a favorite) because I can't handle anymore thinking. Oh well.

I've gotten through all of my first major exams in classes. Ithaca skies sympathized with my hectic day yesterday by proceeding to downpour for hours on end. Like literally, the forecast was 100% rain all day.

Anyway, I'm making progress in life, sleeping a little better (with the exception of when people are extremely loud in the bathroom and hallways late at night), and getting through this hellish semester with the hope of London carrying me through. I hope to find out soon whether we all got in or not.

In other news, it's almost fall break and I can't wait. I kind of need a break from Ithaca, as I have spent a lot of time here, what with spending half of my summer in the sweltering heat of the two towers (sorry, I can't resist throwing that in there whenever I can). Plus there's some things I need to get at home, so that will be a nice change of pace.

God. Time must slow down when I'm taing. I still have over half an hour. Ugh. At least it's Friday. Apple Fest this weekend!

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