Sunday, April 6, 2014


 Another busy week in Korea!

On Monday I went out for 치맥 (chicken and beer) with Young Ah, who I still teach with, and Hae In and Eun Kyeong, who both used to be subject teachers and now they teach 6th and 4th grade respectively.

On Tuesday and Wednesday, Young Ah and I dug out the wigs and hats that my school inexplicably has so that the students could have a little fun doing role plays.

This is a palace guard hat

I'm so fly

Now here are some pics of my crazy, adorable students.

Every class picked up the blonde wig and dubbed
it "Christina Teacher hair"

just outside of my school

A bread bowl and pickles. Yep. True italian
cuisine right here.

Strawberry sherbet after. Delicious! 

Bad picture but OMG giant dog!

I started a new Korean class on Tuesdays and Thursdays in Hongdae, so now I take Korean 3 days a week. Hopefully I'll improve a lot. I'm definitely understanding a ton more than I used to,  but I'd like to be better at speaking. For a couple of months, I've only been doing class 1 night a week, and I've been trying to study harder by myself for the last two months or so. But I think a class will definitely help me improve. Plus, I think I'll be more motivated if I'm paying for it.

My favorite part of the walk to school is when I get
stuck behind a couple that takes up the whole sidewalk
so I can't walk around them

A couple more shots of my students on Wednesday:

Wednesdays are special food days, so
we often get a treat. This is the best one yet!

Plus yogurt (in the carton), ricecakes and
this traditional noodle dish that I guess
you eat for weddings or something?

Care package from mom! It clearly has the
essentials like reese's, mac & cheese


Cherry blossoms!

And sometimes I walk to school and there are people on the sidewalk with signs, banners and sashes and I have no idea what's happening.

they took a picture with me once in like
November. Still don't know why.

The coffee shop near my house NOW HAS

On Friday, we went out for Sarah's birthday!

Maria being content with our happy hour,
"it's been a long week dealing with kids"

Sarah's adorable cake

Happy Birthday!

Hanging with some of my favorite girls in Seoul

Happy Birthday to my bestie!

It was delicious, FYI

Birthday tiara!

Fun times!

Then we went to a super nice noraebang

Lauren rocking out to some TLC

We were in fraternal twin dresses

On Saturday, I had a movie/coffee/study date with Sarah. We watched Bridesmaids at my house, and then went and studied and had coffee for a couple of hours. Super fun stuff, I know.

On sunday we headed to Yeouido to see the cherry blossoms (벚꽃 ) that are blooming right now, though a rain storm this week blew a lot of them down. It was still BEAUTIFUL.So here are a LOT of pictures of that, because it was a gorgeous, sunny, lovely, wonderful day!

The coffee shop near the park decorated their
store with cherry blossoms

Sarah and I couldn't pass up some cotton candy!
It was a suuuuuper lovely day. Not too hot, but not too cool. Sunny. Breezy. Lovely. I am constantly reminded of the beauty and awesomeness of Seoul and I find new things to fall in love with all the time here. 

Sigh. They try. They really do.

Silkworm larvae are always sold near the tourist spots. I cannot
stand the smell of these. Yes, my friends. this is where I draw
the line. I cannot and will not try these

Sarah and I headed to Hapjeong to meet up with Janell and Lauren to see Captain America (finally!).  It was a pretty good movie, entertaining and whatnot. Hapjeong has a nice, cute shopping center, and there were some new additions to the decor!!



So, all in all, another busy but great week. Sarah's birthday was a blast, my Korean is improving, my kids are adorable, the weather is nice, and things are going well we head into April. No, I didn't prank my kids for April Fool's Day, but I have some pretty decent ideas for next year, muahaha. I cannot believe it's already April! Time is FLYING by here!

I hope your spring is as lovely and as beautiful as mine!

Much love to anyone and everyone who reads about my travels!!

Because I have been having such beautiful days and nights here, your weekly kpop song is Beast's "Beautiful Night." 

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