Sunday, July 13, 2014

Bring on that Bingsu!

We finally got to turn the air conditioners on at work this week! Hallelujah! Work is muuuuuch more bearable when it's not a sweltering 90+ in the classrooms. The kids concentrate much better (and so do I!) if sweat isn't pouring out of every pore.

This week was a pretty hectic week for me, since my handler finally assigned me my job for making our summer camp curriculum. It's pretty work intensive, and camps are generally the bane of the NETs' existence here. So, aside from the normal things, like Korean class, that's what I've been working on this week. 

But the week was not without fun/interesting things:

Not sure why you need your towels
to be calorie light...?

My friend Maria got sick and went to the doctor. Family,
this is what I mean by Korea's overmedication problem

I had my last class of the semester with 2 of my 4th grade classes and they were doing role plays. 

They were Messi and Ronaldo. Of course.

They were doing the story of the honest
woodcutter, and they had too many people, so
one girl got to be a tree
 They're my craziest, most energetic, most enthusiastic class and I love them.

and then we had yellow rice for lunch
and nobody knew why it was so yellow...

getting fancy with props

Because camp planning is stressful and tiresome, we all decided that we needed a break on friday night. So we headed out for dinner and drinks.

Lauren was offended that they gave her
two straws with her mimosa. What, like
she's gonna share?

Lauren had to go early because she had to finish planning for her next class, so Sarah and I decided to wander around Hongdae and pick a random place to go in, since we tend to go to the same places. We were not disappointed. 

Because we found a cafe with a wall of cat pictures. 

"Let be a cat for one!"

"Ok, now a normal one!"

On Saturday, I helped Lauren out with her class by hanging out in Hongdae. They had made presentations introducing famous places in Seoul to foreigners, and their mission was to go present them to some foreigners on the street. But, lots of the groups were nervous, or people weren't being nice and helping, so I was there as a fallback. It was fun. I think lots of students are surprised when they see their teachers with friends. Like it's incredible that we have lives outside of school haha.

Thankfully, Lauren's request also got me motivated to actually leave the house and do some work. I had 8 grammar lessons to plan for summer camp this weekend, so after Hongdae, I parked myself at a coffee shop for 4+ hours and finished 5/8 lessons. My eyes and back were killing me. 

Plus, everyone there who saw me probably thought I was nuts, since I was watching various scenes from Disney movies for a good portion of the evening... Whatever.

Needed the industrial sized coffee for this

And yet, I still wasn't done. So, on Sunday, I slept in a bit and then headed to Sinchon for a change of pace. I met up with Sarah for a 'let's get stuff done day.' After she finished her Korean homework and I finished 2 more lessons, we decided to treat ourselves to some delicious bingsu. This time, we got an oreo one. They come in all different shapes and sizes, but this one may be my favorite.  

It's shaved ice and froyo/ice cream mixed with
whatever topping you choose, like oreos!
SO GOOD and perfect for summer!

Happy about the bingsu

ready to dig in

in awe of the bingsu

rewarding myself with the bingsu
 It was scrumptious.

After lots of idea bouncing and good ideas from Sarah, I FINALLY finished my movie grammar lessons. Now, all I have to do is edit them while I'm at work this week. It was definitely tough, but I feel great since I got them fleshed out. It was looking almost impossible Friday at school. I still have to do considerable editing on my movie grammar plans, as well as the rest of the book that my other co workers are making, but I'm still feeling good about it.

Then, since I'm getting a haircut tomorrow (I usually go food shopping after work on Mondays), I headed to the grocery store to complete my weekly shopping spree. Where I found this wine.

Apparently the art was donated by Park
Ji Sung, one of Korea's most famous soccer
players. I thought it was cute

Now that my camp planning has been lessened considerably, and that my classes are winding down, hopefully the end of the semester won't be super stressful. My friends and I are definitely planning more bingsu outings soon, once all of us have finished our ridiculous amounts of camp planning. There are endless types of bingsu, and I can't wait to try them all. Or maybe I'll just keep getting oreo, cause it was delicious. 

I've still got another busy week of camp planning, Korean class and errands ahead of me, but I am eagerly counting down the days till Cesca arrives! Can't wait to show you around Seoul, bella!!!

Until next time! Ciao for now!

In Kpop news, f(x) just released their comeback album, Red Light, along with the first MV from it. I like the beat. I think if I was a runner, I'd like to run to it. But I'm not, so I'll just sit at my desk and listen to it. 


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