Sunday, October 26, 2014

Birthday Bashes and Hospital Stashes

Howdy ya'll, how's it going? 

I've had a rather typical week, which means I can finally update my blog when I normally do, yay!

Had a normal week of teaching after the excitement of Sports Day, a normal week of Korean classes and nothing out of the ordinary, school wise. I didn't do anything special until the weekend, as per usual. Unless you consider getting my highlights done special. I do indeed enjoy getting my hair done!

this is what happens when I post a new album.
Sidenote, about 97% of these are from
my mom

Someone here likes The Walking Dead.
Don't eat the meat.

getting my hairs did

Couldn't resist these boots

Totally matching one of my 5th graders

Fall colors are starting to appear!

sometimes there are promo trucks for new kpop albums
or shows. This one is for Beast's new mini album, TIME

Had a normal week, with some fun plans on the weekend:

Friday was the Great Korean Beer Festival! I'm not a huge beer fan, but I've started to drink it more often here. I still don't know what kinds I love and don't love, as they all taste really similar to me, but it was still a fun time. I got to hang out with some friends, try a few different beers, and just have a great time.

There was even a costume contest

With my lovely friend Jeanie

On Saturday morning, I pulled myself out of bed much earlier than I ever do on Saturdays so that I could haul myself over to Yonsei Severance Hospital. Again. Don't worry, nothing wrong this time, I just wanted to make sure I got a flu shot, since my kids are TERRIBLE at keeping their germs to themselves.

The uni hospitals here are super nice

This ended up being a more arduous process than I thought it would be. I had to go to the International Health Clinic to see a doctor, tell him what I needed, and then he had to get his supervisor, who I had to tell, again, what I needed. They approved it, but then the payment system wasn't working in the clinic, so I had to go to the cashier in the main part of the hospital. Then I went over to the outpatient pharmacy, where I was told to wait till my number appeared on a screen.

15 minutes later, my number had yet to appear, and I started to get frustrated. Did I misunderstand? Does it really take this long? Did they misunderstand? 

Finally, a nurse came out to check. Either she forgot to tell me a step or they needed her to pick up the prescription, since in the bag was a small syringe. I can understand that they probably don't want to just give that out to people, so maybe I missed an explanation.

This whole process took about an hour. The shot took less than 30 seconds. All in all, it was a bit frustrating but not that bad, nothing I couldn't handle. Flu shots are expensive here, at least $30. I miss the free clinics on campus.

Oh well, hopefully this means I won't get super sick this winter!

I headed home to rest up, clean up and get ready for the evening.
flu shot bandaid

Saw this mural on my way home after the

 Because a few of my friends' birthdays are around the same time (Jeanie, Ga Hyeon and Lauren), they decided to have a joint birthday party. And since it's close to Halloween, it was also a Halloween party!

I didn't feel like putting in much effort, clearly,
so I went with animal ears.

The party was on a rooftop near Itaewon

With a lovely view of Namsan Tower!

Batgirl and just a bat

Saying happy birthday to Ga Hyeon,
who started as the Crow and then took to
wearing Lauren's birthday present from her
co worker...?

It was a fun night filled with friends I haven't seen in ages. It usually takes a lot of time for me to motivate myself to go to big social events, but I'm glad this one turned out well. Happy Birthday to my friends!!! 

On Sunday, I met up with Sarah for a bit, to have a low key day.

This chimaek restaurant uses "Innocent" to
denote boneless chicken... okaaaay

We enjoyed our chimaek, ran some errands (there are an infinite amount of things I could buy from Etude House...), and decided that we didn't want to go home yet, and that a cat cafe would be a great idea!

Obviously it was.

this guy stayed here the whole time we were
there. Must love that spot

This one was insistent and greedy haha

Our favorite was still there!! Love this one

They take food very seriously 

We were getting ready to leave when this
guy decided that Sarah's lap would be
the perfect napping spot. Of course
we had to oblige!

then the advertiser cat came in

Deciding that we needed to be responsible adults and go home and grocery shop, make dinner and what have you, we parted ways for the day. I stopped at the grocery store to pick up things for the week, as I've found that Sunday evenings are pretty tame and that people don't bother me when I'm there.

I came home and decided to try out some of the new stuff I got from Etude House. 

Decided to try out a new nail polish color. I
am terrible at doing my nails, but I really
like this look!

Also trying out some collagen under eye patches,
because I've been looking like a panda lately.
Damn dark circles!

That's about it for this weekend, lots of food, fun and good friends. 

In this week's "Weird things Christina receives at work" category, we have a packet of tomato juice!

Stay well, stay safe and get your flu shots everyone!

Aaaand in this week, I previosly mentioned that Beast is heavily advertising their new mini album, TIME. I'm digging this song A LOT right now. It's constantly stuck in my head.

I'm soooo into this song. It's been playing all over Seoul lately, and every time I hear it, I have to stop and listen. Beast has some really great music, and they've been around for a while. This is their 7th mini album, so they've proven that they've got staying power. Check out 12:30.

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