Sunday, November 30, 2014

What a Difference a Year Makes...

Well, with that, November has closed out and the cold weather is here. Seriously, it's like the weather here knows december is starting, cause it's dropping down to 34 tomorrow. It's been in the 50s lately. This is gonna be rough.

Although the weather was pretty warm, my school continued to be freezing. Ah well, at least we can finally turn the heat on. 

On Monday, Cesca and I ventured back to Costco to pick up some things for Thanksgiving. We were orignally going to buy these little apple pie like things, but lo and behold, on Monday, Costco magically had pumpkin pies! 2 massive pies and some hot coco for Cesca later, we were on our way. 

I brought the pie in on Thursday, and I was really nervous about it. I had shared the little apple pie things with the admin offices at school, and I ought the pie for the office. But nobody had ever had pumpkin pie before! Would they like it? Would they think it was weird??

Thankfully, they all loved it. I know enough Korean to hear them saying how delicious it was, although I was a bit embarrassed when the conversation turned to calories. Hey, it's not american if it isn't way too unhealthy, right???

One of the teachers even said she was touched that I brought in something for Thanksgiving. I had to work and had Korean class on Thursday, so that little piece of pie reminded me in my heart that it was Thanksgiving and I had a lot to be thankful for. 

My week was otherwise uneventful. The kids are getting rowdier and harder to teach, and the colds and flus are starting to set in. Everyone in the office has that lovely winter cough. Wamp. 1.5 more months till I get a vacation. 

Treated myself to some Belgian Hot
Chocolate as a pick me up this week.

Wednesday's special lunch was jajang rice,
which is rice with a black bean sauce. For some reason
I only like it with noodles, hence the pitifully
small servings on my plate

Got our school pictures back. I don't feel like myself,
but the other teachers said I have a nice smile.

I got a little depressed on Thursday and Friday, what with being away from my family on a pretty lackluster Thanksgiving, and I'm missing you all a lot lately. The weather seemed to agree, and it was bleak and dark all day on Friday... I know I made the right decision coming here, but this time of year is rather difficult... Missing home a lot right now. I'd love to be home cuddling my cats and my mamma :/

Despite the gloomy weather, we managed to have a good weekend. On Friday, there was an announcement that Kyuhyun from Super Junior was giving a free surprise concert at 1;30. Being a responsible working adult, I was disappointed I couldn't go. They were announcing another location at 3pm, and Cesca and I basically decided we would try if the place wasn't ridiculous. 

Turns out, it was across town but easy to get to. So, being good fans, we schlepped over there after work. Because it was free. Like, come on. And that's what my 20s are for right? Doing kind of silly, irresponsible things?

 Sadly, Sarah already had plans, and like a decent person, didn't cancel them for a silly impromptu concert. Considering my plan on this gloomy day was to go home and watch TV, I felt like I could spare the evening for one of my favorite singers. Cesca even trekked out with the inklings of a cold, so we stopped at a pharmacy for weird Korean medicine before camping out for a bit to see the concert.

I did my homework while we waited in line
like the good student that I am.

It was rainy, but everyone opened their umbrellas around us, so we didn't get too wet. We also ended up having a really great view. 


Fact: He sounds incredible live

I took some videos, but over all just tried to enjoy the short but awesome free concert. It was cold and I was tired, but considering concerts here cost around $90 or more, getting to see one of my favorite singers for free was a pretty good reason.

Because of the long trek home, I stayed up pretty late and did my normal lounge, clean and relax Saturday morning. 

I met up with Sarah, Cesca and Janell to head to my second concert of the weekend, MBLAQ.

You probably don't remember, but I went to their concert last year. In fact, I think they were my first live kpop group. This concert had a different tone. Breakup rumors, enlistment rumors and other gossip going around had made the fans worried, and the concert was also a little bit haphazardly organized. 

We got signs to hold up, and Cesca bought a
light stick!

I/We Love You, MBLAQ
I have my old light stick
We even got asked to do a short interview where we talked about how excited we were for the concert, as well as yelling 'MBLAQ fighting!" I got a free cookie.

Because I saw them last year, I know how much more playful their concerts are. But perhaps all of the rumors and stress had taken their toll, because this concert wasn't as upbeat. No cross dressing or really messing around, the boys were rather serious on stage. There were even times when they cried during their speeches about the last 5 years since their debut... waaaaah.

We were standing this time, and this was the tamest standing concert I've been too. I was barely shoved or pushed, which was awesome, and by chance, we ended up quite close to the front, which meant we had completely spectacular views of them during a good 95% of the concert. 

Sarah expressing how we felt after the concert,
glad we came, but a little let down by the lack
of energy from the group. It seemed like
they were kind of going through the motions

We tried to take a quick selfie after. These are our attempts

being silly

I'm sad MBLAQ might break up, but I'm a little disappointed that they didn't give it their all at this concert. Apparently they were a little peppier for their second one, but still... Whatever they end up doing, I thoroughly enjoyed both of their concerts and I will probably still jam out to their music whenever it comes up on my walk to work shuffle. Thanks for a great show MBLAQ!

Because the concert was so far away, it took us foreeever to get home. 

My feet are apparently handling these concerts better though, because I am not nearly as sore as I was after a few other standing concerts. Woohooo!!!

I slept over at Cesca's apartment after the concert, and we hung out till the afternoon.

I saw some article about women who showed
what they looked like with and without
makeup by doing half of it, so I wanted to try it.
I feel like I don't wear that much, but look
at the difference!

haha idk, that was random. So after messing with my makeup, I headed out.

I thought i was imagining this at first

but wait!

It's a rainbow!

2 rainbows!!!

So vibrant and pretty!!!

I am hoping that's a sign that this week will go well! I went home, did some laundry, prepped for school, and studied some Korean. I'm thinking of taking the TOPIK this coming January, which is the Test of Proficiency in Korean. I would only attempt beginner level, but it would be nice to see if I can successfully say I'm past beginner level. Young Ah has been working with me at school on some vocabulary, and I study a lot of grammar at home and in class. I hope I can get ready in time!!!

Now I'm getting ready for a cold week ahead. 

I've definitely already posted some MBLAQ before, but I heard songs at their concert that I haven't happened upon in ages, which was nice. They really never got the popularity they deserved... 

I've had this song in particular stuck in my head since the concert.

They're pretty adorable in this video haha.

I also love this song and video (for probably obvious reasons)

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