Sunday, June 21, 2015

C-R-A-Z-Y (미쳐)

Despite the title of my post this week was pretty straightforward and simple. More on the crazy later. My kickball game got cancelled because of MERS, my classes are off schedule but that's ok, and it's hot and monsoon rainy here. That's probably the worst. Like, normally when it rains, it gets cooler. But not now. Nope. Now it just stays hot AND is rainy and dumb. Wamp.

The semester is sort of winding down at school. We have about 5 weeks, left, 4 of them teaching, since subject teachers usually don't have class the last week(ish) of classes. I also have summer camp to prepare for, but I hope that won't be too bad and that I'll have fun students to work with. 

I can't believe it, but this week was my 22 months in Korea. It's been almost 2 years. Some days it feels like forever, and sometimes I think, "where did all the time go?"

My Korean class readings have gotten way longer.
I'm so excited I can read and understand this much!

It was a pretty normal week, no surprise class cancellations or anything, which is pretty rare. I taught third grade about emotions, fourth grade about jobs, fifth grade about culture/customs around the world (filler lesson), and fifth grade about directions. Sometimes I wonder if I'm really making a difference in their English, but then I get to smile when the girls cleaning the English room won't stop asking me questions or when they say hi after school. Hopefully their fear of foreigners is mostly gone, at the very least. 

Special lunch day (Wed) ice cream!!!!
Knock off Dippin Dots. YUM

Because I, like everyone else I know, spent this week marathoning Orange is the New Black until way too late at night, I was super tired on Friday (plus I had a headache from some annoying 3rd graders and staring at my computer too much), so I just chilled at home and watched Penny Dreadful. On Saturday, Cesca and I met up to go to Costco for some necessities (like bagels and peanut butter), and then we met up with Lauren for dinner. The weather was crappy, and at at least 2 points in the morning, the thunder was SO LOUD that it made me jump and I almost fell out of my bed. Ugh. I hate monsoon and storm season. 

Cesca's "OMG this escalator is long" face

We wanted to try an Italian place, but I guess it was under construction, so we decided on Mexican instead. 

Tacos, burritos and a quesadilla later, we
were stuffed

After dinner, we all met up with Sarah in Itaewon and toasted to her getting into school in Germany. I'm sad she's leaving Korea, but I think the change will be good for her. Her school is crazy and not nice, so I don't think she could stand another year there. Wishing her luck!

Cesca had coupons to Emart, so we decided that a late night trip would be less stressful than going during the day, so we went on the way home.

The most poet toilet seat cover ever.
such great spelling

We got lots of goods at Emart, then headed to her apartment. 

We bummed around in the morning watching some Korean variety TV, and then we went and got crepes before dance class, because we've been talking about getting crepes for weeks and haven't done it because the timing never worked. 

Cesca and I were being dumb so we took a lot of pictures. 

The title of this string of photos is "Do another pose."

Another one

Do another 



Do something else

Do another

And then we had 2 crepes so of course needed to take more pictures

At dance class, we finally learned another girl group dance, which I think tends to be easier than the crazy guy dances we've been learning lately. This one, 4Minute's Crazy, was hard, but still manageable and I think we were able to kill it in the end.

This is the dance. It's awesome. We had a great time, so we treated ourselves to chimaek after haha. We're so healthy.

The MERS scare is subsiding, with only about 3 new cases this weekend and no more deaths (I think there were about 25 deaths in total and over 150 infected), so the numbers are slowing down and hopefully the paranoia will cease. Hopefully the hygiene practices will continue though. Seriously. No more coughing on my face on the subway please. 

So, another normal week lies ahead. We're learning an awesome song next week in dance class, so I'm super excited. It's also payday this week, which is always awesome. I'll be busy the next few weekends with friend's birthdays, so hopefully I can rest up this week before the craziness starts. 

Hope the weather isn't too weird back home and that everything is going smoothly for you all, wherever you are!


I love this cute, adorable song by a newer group called Lovelyz. I've been listening to it all week. 

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