Sunday, February 14, 2016

Winding Down, Lunar New Year and Graduation

Sooo it's been 2 weeks of mostly relaxing and laziness, which was lovely. 

The last week of school was filled with games and movies, as well as goodbyes. I said goodbye to my 6th graders in Korean, and I tried to impress upon them how I was nervous to come to Korea, but thanks to them, it was an enjoyable time. I did it in Korea to show them that, even though it wasn't perfect, if you work hard, you can also learn a language, so don't give up. I don't know how much got through to them, but I think some of them were surprised and as impressed as 13 year olds can get.

I got a cute note from a 5th grader which thanked
me for trying to explain in Korean when she
couldn't understand the english. 

Mom sent this picture of my daddy and Nymeria in their typical
evening hang out spot. I miss them.

After my goodbye, Serah delivered this note to me
and Seon Kyeong to say thank you. I'm not crying.
Gonna keep this forever

As I have to continually say goodbyes, to my students,to teachers
that are leaving and to friends as well, I'm trying to keep
this in mine. I'm grateful for everyone who I have met that has
brought me joy in this experience 

So I unexpectedly (to me, at least) passed TOPIK level 3!
I didn't think I'd be able to pass the first try, just because
I'm not used to the test yet, but there it is! Woop!!!

Young Ah and I went to dinner to celebrate level 3!!!

Nothing better than tacos and margaritas 

On Friday, I got to go with my handler to her new school, which I guess is a tradition Korean teachers do. Because she's leaving, we go with her to her new school to 'support' her and greet her new staff, then we just sat around while she discussed her teaching preferences for next year. 

Waiting around at her new school

It was nice to be included in the tradition, and then I got to head out and meet Cesca and some friends for an SMOE dinner, which I usually miss because of Korean class. It was a fun night, got to see lots of teachers I don't see often. Good times. 

I was back in Itaewon again (post Cesca's doctor visit) to check out the Original Pancake House location. 

The menu is as big as my torso!

Definitely American diner style. Super delicious even though the service was slow.

We got a variety of waffles, pancakes and snacks.

It was awesome. 

Cesca and I also made a stop at the bookstore, since we had some time this weekend and were in a Dracula mood. I've never actually read the original story, despite knowing most of what happens, thanks to movies, musicals and Cesca explaining what was wrong with them haha.

Started Saturday and finished Monday during the
boring Super Bowl. 

Maybe it was the post musical hype, but I really liked it. Some people think it's pretty draggy (which, some parts are), but it was really good and made me a little mad that all of the movies try to turn it into a sappy love story between Dracula and Mina... In the book, Jonathan and Mina are super in love and Dracula is just a terror. 

Anyway, I finished Dracula and watched the Super Bowl on Monday, and then Ces and I headed over to Young Ah's for Lunar New Year. She and Hae In decided not to go home, since vacation was just in January and again in February, so we got together for delicious food and fun.


Young Ah made ricecake soup (ddeok gook)

It was delicious. I ate 2 bowls so I'm supposed to have aged
2 years haha. I'm like 27 now or something. (Really 26 Korean,
24 International)
enjoying it all Korean style. 

Wine and cheese were also necessary

So, get this. Young Ah has never seen Titanic. I don't know why this offended me on a personal level, but it was my mission to get her to see it before I left. This was the perfect opportunity. Hae In also wanted to watch, since she didn't remember much, including, apparently, that Jack dies haha. 
They thought Rose was a player and Leo was fabulously handsome. 

I don't know why but I LOOOOOVE this movie

Tuesday and Wednesday were more rest days, mostly because Ces can't do much because of her ankle and because I'm lazy. We went out Wednesday to get gifts for some teachers leaving.  On Thursday, I got to school early to set them up on their desks. I tried to just say that I was happy that, in this big world, we were able to meet. Because of them, I have been having a great time in Korea, so I tried to just say thank you for that.

I gave the leaving teachers a small bag of macaroons

I bought some macaroons and small cards for the teachers that were leaving, because the 4 in our office really meant a lot to me during my time in Korean. They all complimented my writing, saying it was childishly cute in style but very well written in context. My hagwon teacher also commented that my writing was cute like a child, so I guess that's what my Korean writing looks like. 

Since it was the last day before graduation, I also got a note from one of the 6th grade classes. 

So cute. 

But, with graduation, comes the dreaded balloon flowers. Here's the thing. I can't tie balloons. I finally was able to tie a few (only the white ones, they're stretchier). I also cannot tie two tied balloons together. I cannot form them into flowers. Nothing makes me feel more inadequate than these stupid flowers. I can't help much besides putting tape on them and it makes me feel so bad. But I'm just not crafty with my hands. Can't tie balloons. Can't draw. Can't do origami. Sigh...

They turned out great, thanks to not me

Some of the kids practicing their drum routine for
the ceremony

all ready to graduate

After graduation,we went out to lunch. On the way, the taxi driver told my co workers that I look like a doll cause I'm so pretty. Apparently he used to have a doll that looked like me or something? Haha it was nice but awkward cause he kept staring at me and telling me I look like a doll.

My wonderful office... I wouldn't love Korea so much if it wasn't
for them
I spent a lot of time with a few of them after lunch. We saw a movie and got dinner and drinks. I didn't want to leave... I'm gonna miss everyone when they're gone and when I leave... Ugh. Sad face.

Ces and I went to a clothing swap Saturday. We got rid of some stuff and only walked away with a couple of things each, which was pretty surprising considering the amount of clothes there.

We ran into our friend Melissa too!

Then we met up with Helen for ddeokbokki and cupcakes.


Ces and I caught up on TV on Sunday and then I headed to dance class. It was a little lonely because Cesca, Grace, Shannon, Pau and Katie couldn't come, ankles and vacations and all that... So there were 4 of us today. It was fun but also harder cause my teacher could see how awful I am at keeping rhythm while doing other moves haha.

We did an old Girl's Generation dance, I Got A Boy. It was a little spazzy as a song and dance, but it was fun!

Here's the real thing. I was close, right?

Now it's off to a week of deskwarming (I find out the office situation on Tuesday... nervous~)
and then on Saturday it's China tiiiime!!!


Stay warm, stay safe!

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