Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Well, that time of the year has nearly come and gone. Finals time. That dreaded time of the year meant for sleepless nights, sweatpants and stress. Yes. We all adore them don't we?

This year was especially tough, seeing as having 6 classes made my schedule packed. My 4 written finals all happened on Monday and Tuesday, plus a paper due at midnight Tuesday. Then a presentation Wednesday, but nobody cares about that.

Legal went well. I felt like I knew the material and despite a severe lack of sleep, I put my mind to it and did a good job.

OBM was a nightmare. I thought I completely bombed. Nothing stuck in my head at all. Turns out I did alright. I didn't fail, at least. It wasn't up to par with my normal grades, but I've done so well all semester it shouldn't affect my grade. Still disappointed in my performance, but can't change anything.

Marketing went well after a good study session with Casey. Not even getting locked out and having to borrow Casey's coat and Andrea's shoes could stop me!

Italian. Well, let's just say, io lo parlo bene. I mean, Italian is like my favorite class, so I retain it much easier than any other. That took me about 10 minutes. Probably not my best test, but it won't hurt my grade. I probably got like a 95. Which, considering I got over 100 on the rest, makes it the worst. Aaaah, I wish I always had that problem in my classes.

So now I am sitting in the computer lab with one kid who isn't in COMP110, getting paid to blog and play tetris. I have to make final edits to my research paper for my evolution class, but I think I've improved the paper a lot. I still love my paper. The Evolution of Ballet is something I can talk about all day.

Then my writing presentation. Meh. My group is suiting up and beasting it out. Because we are awesome. And all business majors. She will love it.

Then I have to pack. Ugh. I hate packing. But it is a good kind of packing cause it is LESS THAN 4 WEEKS TILL LONDON OMGOMGOMG. So pumped, can't you tell? I'm thinking of either starting or making this a london blog. Not that too many people read it outside of my friends here. Maybe I'll send it to my mom so she can read about my adventures!

In other news, we had a final, end of semester OL hang out yesterday. So fun, but so sad. I'm gonna miss everyone... That was such a good summer...

Anyway, in tribute to my favorite pics from finals week, I give you Procrastination:

I call this one Dorm Room Pas de Deux

My foot seriously looks so prime

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  1. 1. i love your "OMGOMGOMG" moment.
    2. your feet DO look really prime.
    3. the girl helping you balance in the ballet pic must be AWESOME. like, a really legit person :P