Sunday, December 5, 2010


Holy crap. This last week has been a nightmare. So much running around to do with no chance to stop and catch my breath. I barely saw any of my friends, which was really sad.

So yeah, Peer Advisors Senior Party was last night and tons of fun! I had a good time even though I was worried it would be awkward. I'm gonna miss a lot of people, not just the seniors, when I go abroad.

I got most of my work done for this week already too! (Take that, 17 page OBM assignment!). All I really need to do is edit my final honors paper. Oh and take 4 exams and do a presentation during finals week. No big deal.

I cannot believe the semester is basically over. 1 week of classes. 1 week of exams. DONE.

Then 3 weeks till London! So prime. I'm feeling really good about the amount of things I accomplished this week and weekend, so I think I am going to reward myself with a movie after the Deans' Host Yankee swap. Sure to be a good time!

Let it be known that I cannot wrap awkwardly shaped presents in newspaper. Oh well. It's about community, friendship and fun, right?

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