Tuesday, November 23, 2010


So I totally love surprises. What I love more is surprising people. Which is what I did today.

The facts were these:

1.) My mom works in Buffalo

2.) Buffalo is half an hour closer to St Bonaventure

3.) My mother was not going to drive all the way back to Lockport to pick me up and then go get Cesca

However, this morning I get a text saying "Hey, I accidentally took an extra hour off of work, want to come with me to pick up Cesca?"

To which I of course replied, "YES!" So off we went. I told my mother it would be fun to surprise her, so I said, "Can I hide in the backseat?" She was worried Cesca would be able to see me from the window, so I suggested the trunk. My mother was none too crazy about this at first, but the closer we got she decided it would be fun!

So we pull over about a minute away and I quickly hop in the trunk. There is a lot less space than you would think in there... I now know what baggage feels like.

Anyway, as I ride in almost complete darkness, I feel the car stop and I hear my sister talking to my mother. My mom says "Just let me put my purse in the trunk." Suddenly, the door is opening and I see my mom's and sister's legs. Then I see Cesca's face- it was first bewilderment, then utter happy shock. She couldn't get over the fact that I had come and was hiding in the trunk! It was so much fun and totally worth a day in the car.

Its gonna be such a good break!

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