Sunday, December 18, 2011

5 Weeks

Yup! 5 short weeks until I board a plane bound for Italia!!! I'm so super stoked that I can't stand it sometimes, but I'm also constantly reminded of everything I'm leaving. None of my friends are coming with my this time; I'll be all on my own. There are so many things that are making me anxious- packing, missing everyone, classes, what my family will be like... The list goes on.

But Liz and I just got to air high five because the Euro exchange rate is SO much better than when we were in London. It is down to about $1.30 for every American dollar, but when we were in London the pound was $1.60 or above for pretty much the whole time. I'm so unbelievably excited for that $0.30 difference it is insane.

I keep picturing all the clothes I'm going to buy and places I'll go. My list of countries to visit includes: Portugal, Spain, France, Switzerland, England and maybe Germany and Greece, as well as many, many places in Italy. I'm getting so excited right now that I can't even concentrate on finals!

The lack of motivation may also stem from the fact that I have to do very poorly on my exams to get less than an A. For example, tomorrow, on my Business Systems and Technology exam I can get about a 35% and still get an A. This is because I work with excel for like 15+ hours a week in the lab when I'm TAing, so if I didn't ace this class I'd be a fail.

Other than that, I have finance tomorrow, which is basically algebra right now so I'm not too worried. I do have to make a presentation in Italian for Marella about what we would do if she visited Lockport. Which is pretty much nothing. It's hard to think about cool things in Lockport when I'm picturing sipping vino as I relax in the Tuscan countryside.  Thankfully, my relatively low stress finals week lends itself well to fantasizing time.

In other, non school related news I watched this really random movie today. It's an animated version of the Princess and the Pea, and it was pretty cute. I expected better animation in 2002, but since it wasn't Disney I let it slide. The only reason I found it was I was listening to some music in Italian and it popped up on my sidebar, because apparently there is only 1 voice actress in Italy for cartoons, because she's done literally everything.

Here's a clip of how cutesy but silly it is:

Things I like:
The songs are cute. There's no crazy showstoppers or heartbreakingly beautiful ballads, but they're pretty good
The story is pretty original- it's the Princess and the Pea but doesn't focus on that much

Things it seems like it copied:
Her hair looks like Thumbelina's, complete with the little tufts in front of her ears
The dancing with the stained class characters is much like Anastasia during Once Upon a December
Apparently the melody of this song sounds like something from An American Tale. idk

I've also kind of been obsessively listening to the song Too Much in Love to Care from Sunset Boulevard. I don't know why, but you all have probably never heard of the song. It's the kind that Andrea would probably hate because it's all about two people talking about how stupid they are for loving each other cause it is a bad idea, but, you guessed it, they're too much in love to care.  Ah the life of a theatre fan.

SO yeah, that was really random. You can see how productive I have been today!


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