Thursday, February 16, 2012

Paris Pic Post

I'm too lazy to actually chronicle my full weekend in Paris because it involved a TON of walking from place to place, but here's a list of places we visited:

Day 1
The Opera House (see previous post)

Couldn't resist

The D'Orsay Museum (saw lots of impressionists and some Van Gogh!)

Resting in the cool chair

The museum from the outside

The Eiffel Tower in the daytime

The Pont Alexandre III

Fun fact: In the animated movie of Anastasia, this is
the bridge they fight on near the end

The Eiffel Tower at night (after trying duck at a French restaurant)

Interspersed were many trips to bakeries to get French pastries. YUM
I ate lots of these

Day 2
Sacre Coeur

Notre Dame

Still couldn't find Quasimodo...

The Louvre

Cause arms aren't that artistic anyway

Saw it. Yup. 

The apartments of Napoleon III

The Champs Elysees 

This is the street you should walk down if you want to
see everything you will never be able to afford in your life

The Arc de Triomphe

It was triumphant.

All of these were followed by dinner at a lovely, fancy french restaurant. We dressed up, but one of my friend's has the picture and their internet hasn't been working so I'll get back to you with pictures of that.

Day 3
Climbed Eiffel Tower (only to 2nd level- top closed because it was too dangerous with the ice and frost)

Freeeeeeeeezing. But worth it

Extensive travel to get home- never a wonderful thing, but a necessary evil.

In other news:

This is what I learn in my Presence of the Past class.
If you can follow it this diagram, kudos.

This is my FREE gelato from the most popular gelateria
in Siena, Kopa Kabana

Heading to Venezia for Carnevale in t-minus 7 hours! Ciao for now!

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  1. I just about fell over from laughing at the photo of Siena's Foundation myth diagram. We did the EXACT same thing last semester.