Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Snow day in Siena

Well, here I am sitting in my house. Where I've been all day. Because the city is snowed in,can you believe it? I come all the way to Italy after missing most of the snow and it followed me here!

Many other adventurous IES students went out to take pictures today, but I don't live close enough to the center of town to hang out with people playing in the snow in Piazza del Campo, but hey, that's ok. It's been a relaxing day since school was cancelled. Tomorrow hopefully the weather will be better and the streets clearer so I can venture out into society again, but they've already notified us that school is cancelled tomorrow. Huzzah!

This is the tree outside of my window

Troppo neve!

The entrance to the city center

All of this snow fell in one night

Siena covered in snow

Friends in Piazza del Campo with a
giant pupazzo di neve

Piazza del Campo

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