Friday, April 6, 2012

Pienza and Other things

This week has been an interesting one. Aside from getting back from Spring Break and being exhausted, Paola has had a friend over for Easter Week. She's really nice and we've been talking. She seems to have taken quite the opposite opinion of my eating habits- Paola asks why I don't eat more, her friend Lea asks where I put it all. Guess there's no happy medium!

I did well on all of my midterms, which I consider a huge victory. It's tough when you're living abroad and have 10,000 more interesting things to be doing than studying.

So Wednesday we took a trip to see the city of Pienza, which is an ideal Renaissance city. It used to be medieval, but Pope Pius II (born Enea Silvio Piccolomini), who was born in Pienza, basically commissioned it to be rebuilt. So we saw his palace and whatnot, and lots of cool views. Most importantly, we got to try the cheese. Pienza is famous for it's pecorino cheese- it is supposedly the best pecorino (which is cheese made from sheep's milk) ever. It was fantastic. 

The Cathedral

Lovely views

Part of the main Piazza

The Gardens

They used this as the set for the 1968 Version of Romeo and
Juliet- the Palazzo was Juliet's house

Wood carving of the Pope in the Cathedral.

Emily, Maggie and me enjoying the view and lovely weather

cute street names

trying to candidly get a pic of Maddalena, my
Art History professor. She's super cool but
I just don't like her class. 

The Tavern of King Arthur. Thought Cesca would like it


That's all for now folks! Have a nice Easter!

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