Thursday, April 5, 2012


My last stop on Spring Break allowed me to reunite with Nic, my friend since like 6th grade who I haven't seen in ages. He's living in Zurich, Switzerland for the semester and since I hadn't seen Switzerland yet, it seemed like the perfect time to go!

We spent lots of time just walking around exploring Zurich, seeing cool stuff, and relaxing watching Friends episodes in his apartment. It was a little tough since I don't speak any Swiss German so it was really the first part of the trip where I couldn't understand what was written or spoken, but most people spoke English so it was fine.

We also ended up seeing The Hunger Games because Nic hadn't seen the movie and I hadn't seen it on a real screen yet. It was, thankfully, in English and a good bonding experience. Especially when they stopped the film in the middle and had an intermission.

Thing in the train station. No idea what it is

creepy angel in the train station

Francs- cool looking. Not fun to spend. Everything is expensive!

erm. Cow...?

Nic drinking from one of the billion fountains in Zurich

Strolling along the river

Ferris wheel!

I like this statue

The river

We stopped at Starbucks. This is what
they thought my name was

My ticket to The Hunger Games

Modern art/Stonehenge?

someone's cute garden

The only place in Zurich where graffiti is allowed

Riding the ferris wheel!

Obviously had to buy chocolate

I was so sad when it was time to leave, but it was a fantastic end to a fantastic break. I needed a taste of home to get me through. I only have 5 weeks left though, and there's no time for homesickness or sadness. Not when I have finals, projects and a few more trips to worry about!

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