Friday, June 8, 2012

Life is strange sometimes

I should be sitting around, miserably wishing for some solid food right about now. But I'm not. I was supposed to get my wisdom teeth out yesterday, but a technical malfunction at the dentist office meant that my x-rays could not be pulled up. Meaning the surgeon couldn't do my surgery.

Now, despite the fact that I wasn't looking forward to a weekend of jello, applesauce and pain, I was pissed, not relieved, that the surgery had to be postponed. You see, I took off 4 days of work for recovery (because sometimes work involves heavy lifting that you're supposed to avoid, and because last recovery wasn't wonderful) and that means I lost 4 days worth of pay. If I don't work, I don't get paid. I'm already not getting enough hours as it is (I used to get almost 40 last year, this year maybe 25) so I'm already taking a pay hit. I had to drop my hours to like 10 this week to take time off for the surgery. I'm not going to make that money back.

My parents were pissed as well, as my mother had taken time off and this isn't the first time the machinery at this office has failed us. Plus, the surgeon travels around (hence last time I had to travel an hour and a half to Rochester to get my bottom ones removed- an experience I would not like to repeat) and he's only in Lockport 2 times a month. So now I have to request work off again, losing 4 more days of potential pay, all because the constantly malfunctioning machine hasn't been fixed yet.

Annoyed and frustrated, we decided to go to Petsmart to look at the kitties to calm ourselves down and maybe buy a new toy for our cats. We didn't have a new kitten in mind, but then we saw her. She was wild and crazy, full of energy and life, and she pounced into our hearts right away. An hour later, she was ours. Yes, we impulse bought a cat. Meh, it happens.

holding her for the first time

Dying cause she's so cute

meeting Bootsie

sleepy baby

Her name is Nymeria- if you don't watch Game of Thrones I'm sure this is a strange name to you, but Cesca called her it in the pet store and it stuck. What can I say? My family is obsessed with GoT and cats.

So instead of wallowing in pain and icing my face all day and into the weekend, I am now sitting here watching our new, adorable baby run, jump, play and explore (Bootsie likes to follow her around, it's adorable!)

My daddy didn't want another cat, because he thinks we are crazy. And yet he's been watching out for her and playing with her all day. He's in love, just like the rest of us, haha.

Isn't life funny sometimes?

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