Friday, September 14, 2012

Decisions, decision

I've come across an interesting job idea for after I graduate... I'm still tossing the idea around in my head, but it's something that I think could be a great adventure. A terrifying, eye opening, crazy, probably stupid, ambitious adventure. Wanna know what it is?

Teaching English in Asia.

Sounds crazy, right? I know. I'm still debating intensely about it.

I'm trying to make a list of pros and cons about this idea. If you're reading this and can think of anything or want to weigh in, by all means do. I'm still just toying with the idea, but any thoughts would be welcome.

I was thinking particularly of Korea, because of certain factors like pay and standard of living, but that's not a sure thing either.


I've always wanted to see some of Asia. Teaching would get me there.
The demand is pretty high, so the job market seems good
I'm not burdened by life right now- I don't have a house, a serious relationship, a car payment, or lots of loans (yet), nor do I have a job I'm committed to
There is no language requirement
In Korea, housing is often provided, as well as airfare reimbursement
The cost of living in Korea is cheaper than Japan, but Japan is also an option
Many teachers are able to save $800-$1000 a month in Korea, and can usually save in Japan if they're careful (meaning I could save up in the grace period before I have to pay back my student loans and start on those?)
Most schools give you 1 month's salary at the end of a 1 year contract in Korea
Korea/Japan are close and both well developed and technological
I'd be certified to teach English as a second language, which could look good on a resume
More international experience, and a unique one at that
If I hate it, it's only a year
How cool would my Facebook pictures be?


It's a whole year. I've lived away from home, but for only 4 months at a time. I can't imagine the homesickness I might experience during a year
Culture shock in an Asian country will probably be more intense than in a European
I don't speak a word of Korean, and it's much more complicated and different than any Romance language I've been studying
If I hate it I'm stuck
I'd be alone- Sarah is thinking of doing it as well, but there's no guarantee we would be together
Getting certified is gonna cost money (good thing I have some jobs?)

That's not the whole list, but that's all I can think of right now. Thoughts? Opinions? Help me!

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