Friday, September 28, 2012

I'll have free time someday

I know I haven't been blogging a lot this school year, or really that much since I got back from Italy, but like most semesters, nothing crazy is happening, my life is just really busy.

I always say I'm going to make my semester easier this time around, and yet I always fill it up somehow and make it more difficult for myself.

Monday - Thursday I'm not done until around 8 o'clock, with an hour or two break during the day (which I fill up with homework or other assignments).

I have 5 upper level classes this semester, Honors, International Finance, Conversazione e Cultura, Operations Management and International Marketing, as well as the best class ever, ARCHERY. I'm a beast. Not really, but I'm doing way better than when I started!

Though this is a normal workload, I also have 3 jobs. I'm a Teacher's Assistant for Italian 101, teaching 2 drill sessions a week to the students (all in Italian), I'm a tutor for Italian and I'm a Teacher's Assistant for Organizational Behavior and Management. I work at least 2 of my 3 jobs Monday-Thursday. This semester, TGIF actually has meaning (finally) because it's legitimately a break for me. I'm done by 2 pm and since most of my commitments happen during the week, with the odd exception, my weekends are free.

I manage to pack those too, now that I have a car on campus. I spent last weekend at St. Bonaventure for Cesca's family weekend- it was wonderful to see her, and my parents even drove down for a day. I was nervous about driving by myself for 2.5 hours, but my playlists kept me entertained. I think I prefer driving with company- the 3.5 hour drive to IC didn't feel so long with my mother in the car with me.

This weekend is APPLE FEST. It's our last one for the foreseeable future so we're going to make it a good one!

Next weekend we are venturing to New Hampshire to attend Sandwich Fair. No, it isn't a fair about Sandwiches, it's a fair in Sandwich, New Hampshire. Liz has talked about it for the past 3 years (along with Papa Gino's) so we will finally get to see what all the hype is about. I've never been to NH so I'm excited to see where Liz lives.

That's about my life so far, busy busy busy. Hopefully someday it will slow down!

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