Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The Fair of Sandwiches

So last weekend we FINALLY made it to Sandwich Fair, the thing that Liz has talked about for 3 years straight. She's told us repeatedly how awesome it is, and so last Friday we packed up and headed out. 8 hours later, we arrived at Liz's house at 11:00 pm (after eating Papa Gino's, a pizza place Liz also talked about for 3 years). The next morning, we got up and headed off to Sandwich Fair.

Now, contrary to what you may think, this was not just a fair about sandwiches. It has lots more! It was way bigger than any fair I've been to in recent years, and even though it rained a bit, it was a ton of fun. Here are some highlights of the trip:
Meeting some of Liz's pets

backseat in blue

One of the first signs we saw

I liked this shop

Deep fried milky ways

Liz is the most elegant eater. Ever.

This hat isn't ridiculous or anything



Feeding the llamas- this one was particularly pushy

Liz was not a fan of the llamas. You can tell by her rigid posture

baby!!!! SO CUTE

Andrea loves animals. And they love her back!

this one stole the little feed cup from me

Goats be tryin to steal our cotton candy


Eating a sandwich at Sandwich fair. Life goal complete
also that sandwich was buffalo meat. It was pretty delicious!

"Smile, if you're hungry!" Which clearly,
Andrea is not

Beautiful fall colors!!

The very next day we crammed  back into the car and drove back to IC. 15 hours in the car wasn't an ideal weekend, but getting to see NH, Liz's home and this fair she's raved about for years made it totally worth it! I had a great time, and I'm glad we all went together.

In other news, here are some other things that are going on in my life.


Family weekend at Bonaventure. Dad
found the perfect shirt

Lovely fall colors 

being a badass in archery class

So that's life. FALL BREAK IN A WEEK!!!!!!!!!

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