Sunday, February 17, 2013

Harry Potter and Poutine

 So I forgot to blog about the amazingness that was the Yule Ball that the Harry Potter Alliance had at Ithaca last week. Here are some pics of the awesome (and yes, there was butterbeer).
off to hogwarts!

my house. Obviously

Entering the great hall
Floating freaking candles

Sarah and Liz, my lovely wizarding world pals

Live twitter updates! That's my tweet!

Playing around 

This is my evil witch face

This girl had hermione's actual
Yule Ball gown!
It was a wonderful, dorky night.

This weekend, the awesome continued with a trip to Ottawa with the honors program for the Winderlude festival!

crafts at the market

There was a Korean section


Liz and Andrea's first POUTINE experience!

on the world's largest ice skating rink (the Rideu

in front of parliament



Ok and at this restaurant we really honest to god did not know if we were supposed to tip in Ottawa, and we asked our waitress. She looked pretty perplexed and asked, "Is this a trick question?" to which we replied that no, no it wasn't. We were 100% serious. So she explained tipping to us (5% for meh, 10 % for ok you did your job and 15% for AWESOME!). She deff earned her 15%.

eating a beavertail 

Notre Dame

This one was my favorite

The Korean part was lit up at night!

Polar Bear!

tunnel of lanterns

playin the drums

It was an exhausting day (5:45 am alarm and later than midnight arrival back at IC) but it was really fun to see Canada's capital! Shout out to my Aunt Monica and cousin Tessa for giving me my amazingly warm and wonderful coat. It probably saved me from frostbite.

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