Friday, March 8, 2013

March already?!?

Again, I'm going to point out that I'm horrible at blogging, but I'm going to stand by the fact that I kind of changed it to a travel blog and this semester I'm not nearly as much of a traveler as when I'm, you know, living abroad and traveling like EVERY WEEKEND (and sometimes during the week!)

So, there are two things to mention on that note. One is that I submitted my application to the teaching English in Korea program that Sarah and I are applying to, and they responded and said they will be processing the apps and doing interviews in late March, so I won't know anything about that for at least another month, which makes me nervous but I'm also trying to stay confident. Even though it isn't formal experience, I'm a tutor and a foreign language TA, AND I've lived abroad already, so I am hoping I have pretty good prospects. I decided that if SK doesn't work, I'm going to either China or Thailand. Liz and I went to a senior class workshop/conference last weekend and we went to a presentation about gap years, and I decided that I'm 100% committed to teaching abroad. I'm not ready to go to grad school or to start corporate ladder climbing. I still want adventure and new experiences and to see the world. School and capitalist America will be here when I get back.

Two, spring break starts in T-minus 9 hours. And by spring break I mean the drive down to NC and Florida, where we will be spending our spring break. First, we are stopping by my cousin's wedding in NC and then continuing on to Andrea's grandfather's house in Florida. I haven't had a normal spring break in like 3 years, so this will be fun and another new experience- a typical college spring break! The beach! The sun! MANATEES!!!!!!!!!

Midterms week has been relatively easy, which is to be expected of a 12.5 credit semester. I, in my overzealous overpreparedness, had a bit of a OMG SO MUCH TO DO moment last week, so I got ahead on all of my work. Turns out I didn't actually have that much, so I've been pretty much done since Wednesday. Which has been lovely.

So, I am very, very excited to see my family, spend time with friends, and mostly SEE THE SUN!!! I love you Ithaca, but your sunless stretches are tough sometimes. Oh, I cannot wait. Just work and 3 classes to go till FREEDOM!!!

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