Thursday, May 23, 2013

Senior week and graduation

 Here's the quick photo rundown:


Highlighter party!


Wine tour! One bus was a trolley (sadly,
we weren't on it. Whatevs)

Turned into a party bus

Tuesday night
London bridge!


Getting ready for the splash!

Casey Victorious! 

Casey is the best slider

We got to jump into the FREEEEEZING fountains
A senior splash pic that made it
to the foam 2013 on campus


we decided to hike

Taughannock falls!!!


Senior formal- Gatsby style! Because
why not?

Liz fake bobbed my hair. This is my friend
 Maia from the b school
 Hung out with the family Friday and Saturday.

hanging out at the fountains

Fireworks!! Classy IC, good move

Graduation was waaaaay too early sunday

with my b school friends

David Boreanaz speaking!


My IC family!!!

It was windy and we're really classy


Game of Thrones buddies haha

Dean's Award winners :)

my best friends in the Business School, Eva and Daniel

Mighty Honorites (that's what the baby blue stole is for)

Well this is weird

Hormoz, one of my most supportive and
nicest professors 

Finally, Professor Ellis, my adviser, professor,
supervisor, support system and one of
the most encouraging people I've met

So that's that. I'm home now, getting ready to start my last stint at BK and getting prepared for South Korea. I don't want to rush the summer, but now that graduation is over and there aren't too many people home, I really wanna get going!!! I'm hoping to hang with Ronnie, Trina and Lauren a lot, as well as do fun summer things. Hopefully it won't be too hot and the customers won't be too mean!!!

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