Thursday, July 11, 2013


Caught the Fedex guy this morning so I could get my NOA and visa stuff, cause I was at the dentist yesterday when he came by and I was really sad I missed it! Dad and I were pulling out of the driveway as he turned down the road (had to go get a blood test, my first. Weird) and so I had to jump out of the car to get it. After a not so bad blood test and some breakfast, I opened the packet to look at it.

I tend to panic and frantically email and ask questions and then once I reread everything I realize I was fine, but whatever. Shout out to Janelle on the EPIK group for being super helpful to me and everyone else applying! You’re awesome!!!

So right now I think I have everything all set for my visa- I have my passport, visa photos, the application, my contract, my NOA and a copy of it, and my transcript… I think that’s everything I need… All I need to do is go to the post office tomorrow and get the money order and send it! Exciting!!

I don’t really like mailing my passport, even though I’ve done it twice before (once for the UK and once for Italy), it’s nerve wracking, but I think it will be ok. It’s always for a great reason so I guess it’s worth it.

I’m more worried right now about the NY Department of State getting my degree apostille back to me. I’m so close to having all the documents ready for this trip! The vaccines, however, are another story. The travel clinic is taking FOREVER in getting back to me!!!

I’m going to try and put all of this out of my mind for a bit and relax, maybe watch some K-dramas, and just try and breath. I can’t believe I will be leaving in a little over a month! Time to look at flights for real this time!! 

Also I have no idea why my blog is being so dumb about this post. Ugh.

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