Monday, July 15, 2013

Get stuff done day, Ren Fest and Les Mis.

What a whirlwind day I had Friday. Woke up early to finalize my visa app documents, cause I’m a worrier, when I went to get the mail for my mom. Lo and behold, my degree apostille was sitting in the mailbox! Phew! I was a little worried about that one, since New York has a complex process.
So I finish putting my documents together, and literally my mom and I are about to leave when the traveler clinic called, so i finally got my vaccination appointment in a week. So now I am on a roll so we go to make copies, go to ups and mail my last few documents to Korea (finally), and run over to the post office to mail my visa application (after checking it two more times!).
Mind you, this all happened in a span of about 2.5 hours, so it was a hectic but super successful day. All of my documents are sent out and out of my hands, all of my appointments are made, and I even had time to book my flight. It cost me a pretty penny, but my bk paycheck pretty much covered the fees so I’m feeling good.
The next day was Ren Fest Day, which is arguably my favorite day of the summer. I was briefly hypnotized (which is SUPER WEIRD FEELING) and I got my tarot cards read, was a pretty mixed bag. He basically told me to be careful in Korea cause it's completely new and I might not be totally prepared for how different and unexpected it was, but also that it could be an amazing new start for me, especially romantically, which sounds pretty nice. The guy said I needed to actually sit down with myself and figure out what I actually want out of life and such, which is scary but also kind of makes sense soooo... I try not to put too much stock in pyschic readings from a Renaissance festival, but at the same time, they've all been pretty consistent and promising (for instance, on two separate occasions have I been told that my partnership will be strong and bring financial security- I'd be lying if I said I didn't hope really hard for that to be true!) But I think before I go to Korea I really should sit down and make a general plan for life after my gap year(s).
Today I hung around the house, started cleaning up the house since my grandpa may be coming back to live with us (maybe, we don't know yet...) and then Cesca and I went to see a local theater production of Les Mis, which was AWESOME. I always nitpick about shows (don't worry, I even do it for every Phantom performance I see) and there were some little things and choices I wasn't totally on board with, but overall it was AMAZING. Such a strong cast and crew, with a much better Cosette and a much better Bring Him Home than the recent movie version, among other just general awesomeness. And old high school friend was Marius, and he was incredible. It was a lot of fun to see a show at a local theater, since I haven't been in a while.

Yikes. Flight is booked, visa will (hopefully!) be on its way soon, my documents should all be in Korea, Ren Fest has come and gone, and I'm starting to learn the very basics of Korean. And I mean BASICS. But hey, anything is a start, right? I only have about a dozen shifts left at BK, and still so much to do!!! Aaaaah. With just over 1 month in the country, things are starting to fall into place, which is a little overwhelming in a different way! 

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