Saturday, November 23, 2013

Fun stuff and MBLAQ

Best care package ever!! Thanks Grandpa!!

When you buy fast food here and get it to go,
they give you a bag for the drink!

Thanks Aunt Monica, Uncle Jeff and Tessa!
Cheering you on from Seoul!
So last weekend, when I didn't have heat, I went to Sarah's apartment and we watched a movie. My friend Lauren needed to make a video for her English class (since the textbook videos are AWFUL) so I got to help out, hence the next picture, where I had to be sad.

This is how Koreans express sadness or tears.
in chatspeak it looks like ㅠㅠ

On Monday, Seoul saw the first snow of the season- it didn't last long and didn't stick, but everyone freaked out. Apparently it is rare to see snow in November here.

So all the teachers started taking pictures

Often at school, everyone gets up and leaves, leaving me alone in the office. Most of the time it's for meetings that I don't have to go to, since I can't understand most of it. So Wednesday I had some time in the office to myself, so I decided to finally take pictures of it.

The Subject Teachers Office

Seating chart- can you spot my name?
 It's 크리스티나

We hang out here and eat food a lot

My desk- I brought in a blanket cause they
only use like 1 hour of heat a day. It's COLD

But these flowers are still hanging on

I spent most of Wednesday cutting out dollars
for our shopping lesson. 6 classes worth. Oof. 
Then I got presents from my 3rd graders!

A hand warmer and a pencil from my 3rd graders

vitamin C from my 4th graders


This weekend has been pretty busy. I finally went out clubbing in Seoul on Friday, which was actually really fun. Especially when they play some of my favorite kpop songs, like Fantastic Baby, Crooked and Ringa Linga. It was a good time, though I really don't care to do it super often. 1.) It's crowded and 2.) people can smoke openly in lots of the clubs, which isn't super fun for those of us that don't want to inhale secondhand smoke. Still a good time, tho.

Saturday, Sarah, Anna, Gabby and I headed out to see an MBLAQ concert, my first official Kpop concert!

Lightsticks are popular at kpop concerts

a sign we all held up at the end. Not sure what it means haha

Anna, Sarah and me!

I took some videos of the concert (just short clips) so at the beginning you can see people rushing to get to the front of the standing section (we sat, not gonna deal with the fangirls), and at about 2:20 you can see another awesome MBLAQ dance move that I'm sure they question every time! I thought it was funny.  Also, check out 3:30 for the best thing you might ever see. Because it wouldn't be a kpop concert without some cross dressing!

Sorry about the sound quality!

And now here are some still pictures of the concert!

This is Joon. He is my bias from MBLAQ
(Bias = favorite member)

And then my bias dressed up as a girl

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