Saturday, November 23, 2013

Your random Kpop Update

So I am in the mood to post a few more kpop videos in light of the fact that I just went to my first kpop concert!

The group I saw was MBLAQ, so here are a couple of videos from them!

This is Mona Lisa, one of my favorites!

This is War. This is a sad one. WAE (why) JOON, WAE?!?!?!?
 But man, do they rock the guyliner like nobody's business.

There's a serious "Wanted" vibe in this video. Pretty cool stuff

Ok this one proves that MBLAQ is one of the most boyband-y boybands out there, but I LOVE this song. Though I'm sure this is one of the songs where the guys are like 'WHY IS THIS OUR CHOREOGRAPHY!?!?" Embrace it boys, you are awesome, jazz hands and all.

I could post like 6 more MBLAQ songs that I really like, but I'll refrain from doing that.

Last is one of my new favorite songs, Ringa Linga, by Taeyang from Big Bang! Dang, it's so catchy. I also probably like it because G Dragon wrote it but whatever

Kpop. Listen it it. Love it.

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