Sunday, March 2, 2014

Deskwarming, Noraebang and Fortunes

Hey everyone! I'm having end of vacation blues... boo. I haven't really planned a full lesson since approx December (winter camp was already planned when I did it, and I think I planned 1 actual 5th grade lesson in Feb. The rest of the time, we just played review games or watched movies). It's gonna be hard to get back into the swing of things, especially since I'm nervous because I'm working with 2 new teachers this semester! Thankfully, the majority of my classes will be with Young Ah, so that is comforting.

Anywho, this is what I did with my week (not a ton, since I had to be at the school deskwarming till 3 every day, but still, we did plenty)

Helping Hae In make decorations for her
 Some of last year's 6th graders must be Big Bang fans:

This says T.O.P. in Korean (tahp)

We went to the bookstore to get a new Korean
book and look what I found! Obviously I had
to have it. I now own it in 4 languages!

Hazy, but warm!!!
Young Ah and Hae In took Lauren and me to a fortune teller cafe, where you buy a drink and tell some lady your birthday and birth time and she tells you your future and stuff. It was fun. This is what she said about me:

I'm attractive and beautiful. that's just part of my character (haha I can hear the sarcasm now)
I'm not overly creative by myself, but I'm really supportive and good with working with other people's better creativity and I have the ability to make their creativeness happen.
I should be careful about my health from around my waist area down, that could cause me problems later in life
I will have the opportunity to travel a lot and travel easily. It won't be a burden
I will have lots of good fortune after I'm 27 (Korean age, so therefore like 25 western age, I think)
I could possibly meet a great guy in September or October
My future husband will be wealthy and I won't have to worry about earning money, which I've actually been told 3 times now, so I'm hoping that one's a keeper in my future

It was a fun time. Apparently your time of birth is super important for your future? Who knew!?

On Thursday, I also did one of the scariest things ever. I tried LIVE OCTOPUS. I was going out for dinner with Young Ah and Hae In, and Lauren, Sarah and Sarah's dad (who is visiting Seoul for 2 weeks!) joined us. We went to a pork restaurant, but they let us purchase octopus and bring it in for 'dessert.' It was chewy but not horribly. It doesn't taste like a ton, but it DOES feel weird when the tentacle suctions to your tongue or lip. Makes it tough to swallow! I've definitely gotten more adventurous here!

(video below, I combined it with the noraebang)

And then we went to an awesome and classy noraebang. Young Ah has a video of Sarah and me rapping Thrift Shop, but thaaaaat's gonna stay private.

Here's the video with some octopus action and some noraebang thrown in

In the video, there are 2 clips of Young Ah singing "My Destiny" from the drama we just finished, My Love From Another Star. And then she rocks some Dreamgirls (with some minor bumps). She's a pretty good belter for never being trained.

And there's Hae In rapping (she insists she's practicing for her next life, in which she wants to be a rapper). She's doing the rap to the song She's Gone by G Dragon (ft Kush), which is a pretty creepy song with a CREEPY BUT AWESOME video

^This is that song. It's creepy but I can't help it, it's catchy too. 

At the noraebang, my usual picks are to sing the English or chorus of Kpop songs that I know (fantastic baby, I am the best, other big bang songs, etc), and then I can do some Lady Gaga, Mamma Mia or Lady Marmalade. I can't sing worth a damn, but going with your friends is a ton of fun!

Back to the grind: these are 4th grade textbooks

This is how I sign my name in Korea. Mostly
cause my name is so long the cashiers don't
wait for me to finish...
On sunday, Sarah decided to take her dad to see Changdeokgung, one of the palaces (the one with the secret garden). I decided to join on this lovely, finally clear day!

homeslice, it's not that warm out

We also got to go to a 3rd palace (I've seen Changdeokgung and Gyeongbokgung, and there are 5 total in Seoul) and it's really kind of a part of Changdeokgung, but it's prettier. Here's some information I copied off of a tourist site to give you some background, but basically this was used more for the living quarters for the concubines, princesses and other officials. 

◆ Changgyeong Palace

Built in 1483, Changgyeong (Flourishing Gladness) Palace was one of the "eastern palaces" along with Changdeok Palace because they sat east of Gyeongbok Palace. In the last years of the dynasty, the Japanese occupiers built a zoo, botanical garden and museum in the palace compound with a view to symbolically undermining the royal status of the dynasty. The palace was restored in 1984 with the removal of the structures added by the Japanese.

The botanical garden the japanese built. Clearly influenced
by the Europeans and western style

Even tho it wasn't a main palace like Gyeonbokgung or
Changdeokgung, Changgyeonggung still had a place for the
king to hold meetings and such

Well, the weather's getting warmer here and vacation has been fun, but it's back to the real grind tomorrow. I've got a looooong stretch before another day off (boo, hiss) so my life may not be as interesting to blog about for a while.


And THEN it might calm down. But I'm sure I'll have stories from school that will amuse you!

Don't let the polor vortex get you down!


Kpop time!!
And because I had a lot of time on my hands this week, here's some more kpop videos/songs that I listened to to keep me sane during deskwarming.

For some variety, here's some B1A4 (did we discuss how I really like bands that start with B? BAP, BigBang, B1A4, Beast, and mBlaq (hey, there's a b in there...)

And since I can't stay away from BigBang, these are a couple of songs I'm listening to.

Window is from G Dragon's Coup d'Etat album. It's a really sad song, and many people interpret the lyrics to be about love or suicide (This might be the last time we say goodbye, this might be the last time we say goodnight, love is painful, etc). However, interestingly enough, GD has stated in a couple of interviews that he wrote this song imagining, well, murder. And how the window would be the only witness to see what happened there... Whatever way you interpret it, I still really, really like the song.

This is another BigBang jam I dig. It is from their mini album Tonight, which was like a comeback album, as they had had a 2 year hiatus as a group in Korea (during that time, they did a lot of solo stuff, like GD's Heartbreaker, T.O.P was filming the kdrama Iris, Taeyang was doing some solo things like "Wedding Dress" and Seungri and Daesung were doing solo acting and hosting stuff).

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