Sunday, March 16, 2014

White Day, B-Day, Mystery Box and More!

Life is settling back into a routine this week. I finally taught all of my classes (save 1 6th grade class) and I'm hoping I can get back in the groove. Tuesday marks 7 whole freaking months over here in this cray cray country, and I kind of can't believe it. Time is flying pretty quickly here. The weather is getting warmer (sorry family and friends stuck in the eternal winter), and my birthday has come and by the time you're reading this, it'll have passed.

Seoul/SK keeps pleasantly surprising me with things to do. My post phantom blues also had to do with the fact that I was SO EXCITED for it and was waiting for aaaaaaaaages for it,  but I didn't have much planned after. Buuut then I saw an ad for Swan Lake, checked it out, and discovered that both Swan Lake and Giselle will be performed here. Those are my two favorite ballets!!! Now I have more things to look forward to, so the long stretch of vacationless school days doesn't seem so bleak!  Aaaah I'm excited.

And now here's your rundown of my week/random happenings in picture form!

my newest addiction, green tea lattes
 Add it to the long list of things I never regularly ate before Korea, including but not limited to seaweed, tofu, white rice (every. single. day), squid/octopus tentacles, spicy things, rice cakes, fish cakes, coffee

dessert night with Lauren 

I pass this store pretty regularly and it always
makes me laugh

I have a label on my desk now!

$5 = a meal for 2. And it's effing delicious- ddeokbokki and
twigim (fried things- we got fried squid and fried mandu)

A student gave me chocolate for White Day,
a day when boys return the favor and get gifts
for their girls (who gave them stuff on
Valentine's Day)

Soooo fun story.

I was sitting at my desk on Friday and my co teacher told me something along the lines of "Hey, you have a package coming, just wait around for it cause it's almost here," (it was at the end of the day). But I didn't order one! I don't send things to the school! He was like "huh, really?"

Everyone else just shrugged and was like huh that's odd.

So the package comes and it's addressed to me and inside is this really nice box of chocolate, clearly for my birthday:

And this is the card inside. WITH NO NAME.


Nobody in the office new anything about it... sooooo I'm left very perplexed but slightly flattered. But mostly confused haha. I don't even know right now.

So anyway, I left work decidedly puzzled and headed to Hongdae to meet with my friends for an early birthday party!

our dinner spread. I haven't gone out for Italian food since
I got to Seoul. It was worth the wait!!! 

Vino and almost "lasagna," for my birthday
dinner, aka perfection

I decided I wanted to go bowling for my bday!

using the Tom Haverford method from Parks and Recreation.
We haven't perfected it yet...

being beasts

I broe 100!!! Heck to the yes!

And then we decided we wanted to just chill for a while, so we headed to a dessert cafe, where my friends treated me to a lovely cake! So sweet!!! They sang happy birthday to me, and a lot of the other patrons join in the applause at the end. So embarrassing, but so awesome at the same time. D'aaaw

they forgot to give us a candle haha

I'm lucky to have met such wonderful people
here in seoul 

On saturday, I slept in, did a workout (I'm trying to do more Zumba and stuff at home), cleaned my apartment, went grocery shopping and finally, made dinner for Lauren and Sarah. We watched some Korean movie called No Breathing. It was about swimming. I'll be honest, we were in it for the shirtless guys... ahem.

My parents sent me funfetti cake mix and frosting from home, so we made that as well. It was a bit of a struggle in my tiny toaster oven, but the end product looked and tasted great! Yesssss. +1 for us!


My awesome friends cleaning and decorating
my cake

Thanks for the mix Mom and Dad!

it came out so well!

Sarah's a great froster


best friends and cake- perfect

On sunday, I spent a lot of time Skyping with my family, then Sarah and I went out to lunch and hung out in Hongdae for a while. It was relaxing and enjoyable, especially since the weather was SO NICE today- 60 degrees and sunny!

hahaa Liz's envelope

Skyping with mamma!

Cesca and I skyped until it was actually
March 16th in both Seoul and home

laughing about how mom and dad got us the same birthday card.
not like we have the same face or need to be reminded
we are twins or anything

Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes and the love and support! 7 months and still going strong with a great job, wonderful friends and awesome experiences!!!

Music time 

Here's the newest from SNSD (aka Girl's Generation). It's catchy, it's everywhere, it's awesome.

here's another girl group, f(x), who is AWESOME, not that I biasedly love Krystal or anything. I love this song and love it/them even more cause of this parody:

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