Sunday, March 8, 2015

First Week of School!

Well, the new year started and it was just as hectic and disorganized as I expect things in Korea to be at this point.

It's been a flurry of meeting new teachers and introducing myself.

my new schedule!
We got a bunch of new teachers at my school this year, and they all had to introduce themselves at the staff meeting. Normally, I don't have to go to these, because I understand about 2% of what's going on, but because it was the first of the year, I had to. Oh, also, they had me introduce myself too, since a lot of the new teachers don't know me. Now, why I was the only one that had to do this, I can't say, except that I think the principal and the old teachers think my endearingly simple Korean is a cute party trick.

I basically got up there and said "Hi, I'm Christina. Wow this is scary," cue laughing, "I'll continue to teach English and study Korean. I want to practice a lot together. I'll work hard. Nice to meet/see you." or something like that. I don't know. I'm getting better at the surprise "CHRISTINA, SPEAK KOREAN!!" moments but still. It seems like all the Korean I know just disappears when I'm, you know, standing up in front of like 40 Koreans.

Anyway, I must have done ok, because my handler gave me a thumbs up and Young Ah said it was good, and that everyone was impressed when I answered a question the principal asked me. I guess they were surprised I understood?

The next day, one of the new teachers came in and told me my Korean was so good and it was so nice I was learning because at her last school the english teacher didn't know any so it was awkward. She was worried I'd be the same, but said this is really nice since she can talk to me a little and that I'm trying. Aw. I'm starting to be able to have decent conversations in Korean, so that is pretty encouraging, even when I make mistakes.

I mixed up the words contract and plan in our convo. This is my defense. 

계약 (kye ak) means contract and 계획 (kye hwayk) means plan, so I mixed them up when she asked. But whatever. I got back on track. It's kind of awkward to have to keep introducing myself, but I'm sure the teachers are super nervous about moving to a new school too, so I understand.

I made it into the school calendar!

A bunch of last year's sixth graders
came to see us since they got out of school early

It's starting to feel like spring here in Seoul, but back home, I'm hearing some stories of lots of snow and cold. Mom even sent me some pictures.

she's so cute!

When I explained how cold this was in Celsius, my students
gasped in horror.

I got to meet my tiny little 3rd graders this week. They're adorable and terrified of me, but once I introduced myself, they got really brave about asking me questions, like how old I am, if I am married, why I came to Korea, and if I'd ever met Obama. haha.  I think I'm gonna like teaching 3rd grade. I meet my 4th graders tomorrow, so I'm hoping for more cuteness and fun. Young Ah said they're excited to meet me. I'm excited too!!!!


I'm sharing, don't worry.

Sometimes I spy on people while they're watching
dramas on the bus cause I want to watch it too. This girl
was watching Kill Me, Heal Me.

On Friday, I met up with Sarah. We were looking at Daiso for something, and we heard noise outside.

i have no idea why they were walking around playing the drums

Sarah showed me this

You keep using that word... I do not think it means
what you think it means.

finding treasures in Korea.

We went to Gusto Taco for a "end of our first week"

We decided to also celebrate/let off steam with a noraebang session!

rocking out

we got a 100 on Taylor Swift's Shake it Off 

afterwards, we got cake. this cake had
gold flecks on it!

On Saturday, Cesca and I headed out to celebrate our friends' Inge's and Greg's birthdays. It was a fun night, even for me. I normally don't love big social group gatherings, but there were enough people I knew and enough people to meet that I didn't actually get too overwhelmed with having to make small talk. It was fun!

also Cesca and I looked super adorable so that was cool

On Sunday, Cesca and I just chilled and watched TV. We did some Korean homework and then met up with her friend Becca in Sangsu. Becca had found a cute burger place, and it was super delicious!


it was delicious

Then we got some gastronomic ice cream from fell and cole. It was delicious

so sad...

I finally added some Japan postcards to my
walls. I love collecting and displaying them
My walls will be COVERED wherever I

Hope you're all not too tired from spring forward! We don't have that here in Korea, so I never have to change my clock. I hope it means that spring will finally be coming tho. Even here, it's not freezing but it's not super warm. I just want to wear cute dresses and not 25 layers because the hallways are freeezing. Spring, come soon to all of us, please!!!


I don't adequately know how to describe this week's video, but I'm super obsessed with the song. I've been listening to Junsu's Flower on repeat all week. 

Yeah... I still don't know what that video is about. But daaang that song is so catchy.  

If the MV is too weird for you, check out the dance practice version. Kpop may not be your thing, but these singers and dancers are so crazy talented. This dance number alone is insanely fast and crazily coordinated. Holy crap. 

In the vein of catchy songs...

I'm also obsessed with the new Donghae and Eunhyuk album, and I rejoiced with many fans to see that they had a plot to their video, and weren't just dancing in a box, like most of SM's Super Junior videos.

I love this song so much. This pair is golden, and proves, once again, how talented the members of Suju are separately. I don't think they've had a subunit or solo I didn't enjoy. Can't wait for more from them!

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