Sunday, March 29, 2015

Lavender's Blue

Another week gone, another week of both routine and surprises.

Mom got me a new Alex and Ani bracelet for my birthday!

Young Ah surprised me with a special coffee
to brighten up my Monday!

My 4th graders had a short word test on Monday, and when they finish their tests, they can draw a picture on the back if they're done super early. Apparently, I was a good source of inspiration, among other cute things!

It says Christina Teacher

Young Ah saem (teacher) and Christina saem.
We must seem cheerful all the time haha

they must have really liked my shirt haha

On tuesday we had raw tofu for lunch. I did not
eat much more than what is pictured. Gross

Someone at school ordered too much tofu, so we had it for 3 DAYS IN A ROW. EW. I don't miiiind tofu, but I don't love it. And I hate it if we have it 3 days in a row. Ugh. I commiserated with a few of my office mates about our shared hatred for tofu in lunch. 

Greeted by this guy on my walk to school

I get irrationally angry when my textbook perpetuates stereotypes.
The answer in question says "Korean food will be spicy to foreigners,
so what would be good to order?"
Some Korean food is spicy, but not unbearably so that 99% of the world
can't eat it. I'd like to see them try some atomic wings from home...

Liz is the sweetest person in the world and sent me an awesome birthday package!!!

She even made it like an easter basket, haha. It had lots of goodies,
I'm in heaven. Thanks Liz!!!

Had an open class for the parents on Friday,
so I had to dress up a bit hehe

We had 3 parents come. Thank god I was doing my class with Young Ah. It went pretty well. Our 3rd graders were energetic, did well answering and had a good time. Fingers crossed we got no bad comments!

On Friday, Cesca and I headed out to Gangnam to meet up with some friends on that side of town for a small get together. 

We stopped here cause I've heard great reviews

We tried turtle, red velvet, choco caramel and oreo


I also found my favorite side dish, quail eggs in soy sauce, at
a convenience store haha yay

On Saturday, we met up with Lauren and Sarah to relive our childhoods by seeing Cinderella. It was gorgeous and awesome and I can't gush enough about how much I absolutely LOVED the movie. 

I even grabbed myself a small poster

After enjoying the delightful movie (probably much more than our Korean counterparts, especially when the jokes didn't translate), we headed out to try the sicilian restaurant near Hongdae, Ciuri Ciuri. Ces and I had been there before, and Sarah and Lauren wanted to try it. Because it's delicious and awesome.

sicilian style pizza


we tried some arancini, which are like,
saffron and risotto balls with various fillings and
a crispy outside. We had spinach and ragu

The crispy outside. The name means little
oranges, because of the shape and color of the outside,
I think.

The dust wasn't horrifyingly bad this week, so I've been feeling good. I'm back into the swing of things at school, getting my routines down and gauging my classes. I have to meet my official co teacher this week (my sixth grade one now is just a sub) so I'm a little bit nervous, but I'm really learning how to adapt fast and go with the flow here in Korea. 

We have some good stuff next week, with Sarah's birthday and a trip to see the cherry blossoms in order. It's forecasted to rain, so send some good, clear weather vibes this way!!!


Because I loved Cinderella so much, one of the songs has been stuck in my head since I saw it. The song, Lavender's Blue, is sung by Cinderella's mother, and later by Cinderella. So pretty!

I'm really sad they didn't record and release an official version of Lily James singing the beautiful song... Here's a snippet someone stole from the end of the movie. 

Another bigish release this week (maybe last week...?) was Red Velvet's comeback, Ice Cream Cake. The song is pretty catchy, though it's a little out there concept wise. It may take a listen or two to like the song. I, on the other hand, had it stuck in my head immediately.

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