Sunday, September 13, 2015

Feeling like Fall

I had a busy week at school and a fun, eventful weekend, so I have lots of pictures to share!

Liz sent me this picture from Timehop
and Ted's comment made me laugh
very hard at my desk

preview of my weekend
But first, let me tell you about my week

First of all, I almost had a heart attack in the
office when I went to open the window. OMG

I'm usually at work early, and was extra early because on Tuesdays and Thursdays, my drama club kids have extra rehearsals (lord knows they need them), so, you know, seeing a dead wasp on the windowsill really woke me up.

I also had busy afternoons, because this week, we had the English storytelling contest. I'm a terrible judge for this, because I basically want to tear up, hug all of the kids and sob about how brave they are for getting up and saying a whole story in English.  So all of my scores are in the 90-100 range. Don't ask me to judge these. I'm horrible at it.

My computer also got repaired! I was bemoaning not having it for a few days (I know, I know. Addicted to technology and all that), but the guy actually just did it in the subway station haha. 

we got a lot of stares as he did this in the corner.
What, you've never seen computer repairs before?

So wooo hooo, I'm finally typing on a fully functional laptop! My 6 key even works! That one hadn't worked for years. Turns out that spilling wine on your laptop is not a good idea (I spilled some on it about 2 years ago when I first got it. I am informed that I am lucky that the wine missed the important parts and only corroded the keyboard after a while). I wish I could say I don't eat or drink near my laptop after that debacle, but considering it took 2 years for a maaajor problem to come out of it... 

Haha, I'm kind of kidding. I'm way more careful now. I just drink my wine to the side. 

On Saturday, I went shopping with Cesca for some essentials at emart that we need this week and next week.

we stopped for kalbi mandu 

If I ever need a kids hanbok, you know I'll be
buying this fur ensemble

Cesca and I chilled after shopping and got ready to meet our friends across town, and in the process of getting ready to leave, I found out I've been the victim of credit card fraud in America, which is super great. Thankfully, I have fraud protection and the company noticed right away because they know I'm 'travelling' (ie I'm not in America right now), so that was dramatic but got solved quickly. All I could do was laugh about it. We were only about 15 min late to meet our friends, where my worried melted away on top of the 'camp fire'

camping style BBQ place. So cute

We met these lovely ladies who live across town

After stuffing our faces, we headed over to the bowling alley because we are all awesome bowlers. We got lost trying to find the alley because apparently foreigners don't come to this area a lot? and the signage was not clear, but we made it and had a great time.

I got a strike on my first throw and then proceeded
to continue on with my mediocre abilities

Cesca's unique method

We had to leave after that, because the subway is stupid and the last train is at like 11 something on Saturdays if I don't want to spend a fortune on a taxi, which is lame, but Lauren is back in Korean class and we have plans with them for next weekend, so I'm happy we will be spending more time together, now that the new semester has settled down. 

On Sunday, I took a break from dance class (again) to see Young Ah perform with her music troupe. On Sundays in the fall, there are special cultural performances at Oon Hyeon Gung, which is the last palace in Seoul that I hadn't ever visited. It's not super big or famous. The father of the last king of the Joseon Dynasty lived there. Young Ah explained that he had a lot of power because his son wasn't as smart, and he hated foreigners and persecuted a lot of missionaries. Yikes. Apparently the Queen was also powerful at this time, so they had lots of power struggles. Cool stuff. 

Ceremonial Queen garb and a handmaiden

I didn't catch what all of the dances were specifically, and Young Ah was getting ready so she couldn't translate. All I know was there was a hanbok dance, a knife one, another hanbok one, a fan one and then a small drum dance, followed by Young Ah's group. 

I like the hanbok dances, but they tend to use slower and more deliberate movements, so I can see where some things like the knives are more interesting. I loved the outfits of each group though.

I love fan dances.

The drum one was also super pretty and I love the purple hanboks.

Then it was Young Ah's turn! She normally plays the jjangu, but she has been having elbow problems, and she's also been studying the head spinny thing, so she did that this time. She was upset cause she made a couple of mistakes, but I thought she did great for her first time and it was super awesome! I can't believe she can remember everything and spin her head so much!!

I think the head spinning is called Sangmo

they have to jump and crouch and do tons
of things when they're spinning. It's crazy

She was awesome, so I tried to get a couple of clips before I put my camera down and just enjoyed.

look at her go!

Of course they did a group celebration time and they pulled me up and got me to play the gong. I was embarrassed but then Young Ah came and danced with me so it was fun~ I think her group mates like seeing me there, and I'm glad I could come and support her. Young Ah even thanked me for giving her some of my precious time, but I wish I could explain to her how precious our time together always is, because she's one of my best friends in Korea. I'm so glad I got to support her after she came to my dance event as well!

While I was waiting, I snapped a few shots of the lovely interior of the small palace. 

After that, Young Ah and I went to dinner and hung out for a bit. She was tired from the weekend and her show, so we parted with promises of a good week. I'm sad the weekend is already over, but it was great (minus the fraud) and I've already got fun plans for next weekend, and the coming months as well. 

Korea obviously wants me to be poor, because Les Mis is coming back to Seoul, so Cesca and I want to take our co teachers to see it! It's going to be so fun! I'm also hoping that this is a sign that they're going to start repeating musicals soon, because that means Phantom of the Opera would come back, and that I would die and go to heaven haha. Fingers crossed!!!

The weather is cooling down and while it's still in the upper 80s, the humidity is mostly gone and I can feel fall in the air. I'm so excited for sweater and boot weather. Not snow. Please, fall, last longer this year!!!


I'm sad I missed dance class, cause I love the song they learned, Girlfriend's Me Gustas Tu

I also am in a Les Mis mood, even though I'm seeing Cinderella first

It sounds pretty great in Korean! I'm so excited!!

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