Monday, September 7, 2015

Kittens and Kpop

I'm late today because I had to spend Sunday at Cesca's because she lives near the immigration office, so I wasn't home during my normal blogging hours. Plus side, I got my visa renewed with minimal difficulty! Yay! One more year of legal living here!!!


Our studio published some photos from our dance show! I think the photographer and editor got confused about me and Cesca (despite our hair colors...) because I how up a lot, which is awkward. I mean, I'm happy cause I look good, but I feel bad :/

But here are some of my favorites!

Hair flying!

I'm never letting Grace live this serial killer face
one down


We also had a great time at the party after haha

It was hard to go back to the real world after that, but persevere I did. I spent the week gathering documents for my visa renewal (delayed by my school, meh, we got them all anyway).

It was back to the grind of course, back to teaching and to Korean class. I'm trying to study harder again because I want to take the TOPIK, but first, a little fun.

There was another free concert Friday for foreigners, so after school, I headed out to the other side of Seoul to meet my kpop crew to see an awesome show. I was *volunteering* there, but because I have a job and am not a student, I couldn't make the other volunteering positions, so my job was social media posting. Hence, we took lots of silly pictures. 

OMG we were in front of the VIP section!

Cesca and I got asked to do an interview while the people completely ignored Grace cause she's Korean, so we wanted to represent that it pictures

Grace getting blocked out

She still gets most of the foreigner benefits
we do, so she's happy. We joke about our
white curly hair privilege here tho

dis biotch photobombing

we actually got to move up to the second row.
So close

The MC was some dude from KBS and
Hani from EXID

The lineup was awesome

CNBlue. Super talented. They're a legit band


EXID, who shot to fame this year because
of their catchy as hell song "Up Down"

This is them singing "Ui Arae" which is
Up and Down., It's super popular here.
EVERYONE knows it. So cool to
see them live!

Chen from Exo got the most applause

he's so good I feel bad he has to deal with he
EXO drama

I think this was Block B. 

Taemin from Shinee dancing his
little stick legs off

Cesca and I were most excited for BEAST!!! Yes. Even though we just saw them last week. 


Hyunseung's hair wasn't bleeding today haha

The last group was Girl's Generation. They are not the most popular or anticipated of the lineup, but they just had a comeback so I assume SM pulled some strings to get them back. I like some of the songs they did, and their outfits were cute, so it was a nice way to end the concert. 

I also didn't have as many stupid camera problems this time, since nobody was really in front of me. I also behaved like a normal person and took a couple of shots and then ENJOYED THE SHOW. As one should.

the computer malfunctioned and I thought it was

performing their probably biggest hit "Gee"

On Saturday, I visited Lauren's new apartment AND HER KITTEN OLIVER. Obviously I took a bunch of adorable pictures.

On Sunday, I went to spend the day at Cesca's, and since we both weren't feeling that great, we skipped dance class (it wasn't kpop this week anyway) and hung out. Cesca is watching a drama called Let's Eat 2, so I caught an episode. I just so happened to catch the perfect episode, because two characters went to see an 'opera' in Seoul, and by golly, look what they went to see!

Due to copyright issues I'm sure, they went to see "The Ghost of
the Opera" and the posters were from the movie, but it's clearly

I got more excited than normal people would, haha. I was so happy!

We had fun hanging out and studying, and eating junk food and relaxing. It was definitely nice and chased away some Sunday blues. Back to the grind...  At least I had a good weekend before I started feeling sick. A few vitamin C drinks and an early night should nip it in the bud.

Well, there's a chill in the air in the morning and night, so I hope that means fall is on it's way (even though the 80 degree weather still persists in the afternoons -__-). Hopefully I can recover well and get on with another great week here in Seoul!


This is one of Girl's Generation's (Sonyeoshidae's) new releases, Lion Heart.

I'm not always a huge fan of SNSD's new releases, but this one caught me and I looooove the style and the sound. It's so cute and fun!

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