Monday, October 5, 2015

Kids These Days...

It was a short, semi boring week for me. I spent the first 2 days of the week lounging around because of Chuseok, 

Monday's focus

Tuesday's focus siiigh

saw a car accident while I was at the coffee shop.
Not sure how, but that bus tried to move lanes
WAY too early, since the taxi was just chilling
at the taxi stand... 

With Chuseok over,I headed bad to school, and it was nice to get back to the swing of things. I only had mild post vacation blues (mostly because I had to get up early again), so that is a plus side of not doing anything particularly special.

I returned to my teaching. At my desk, if I have spare time, I sometimes study Korean or watch TV. I also review my Italian using Duolingo, just so I don't lose everything I used to know.

For some reason, duolingo thought I needed
to practice the phrase, "My enemy was drinking
my orange juice."


Not thrilled with the trees but I liked my hair .
On Saturday, we went to COEX to meet up with some of our fellow dancers. A connection we know promised us tickets to a concert if we helped him out and filled an entertainment slot, so we broke out our dancing shoes again for another performance. 

This is a big fancy mall in Seoul and we performed outside of it

We all had a great time performing! The weather was great

It was on a legit stage haha so that was fun

We hung out with our dance crew since we hadn't seen them for a while, and then Cesca and I headed home and relaxed, since she wasn't feeling well. 

On Sunday, we went to dance class and learned a crazy fun and awesome dance, GD and TOP's Zutter (which is just the semi romanization of 쩔어, which means 'Dope' or 'awesome' in Korean). 

I didn't love the song at first, since the MV is kind of strange, but now that I've been listening to it more (and working on the super fun dance), I like it a lot. 

After rocking it out, we headed out to the concert.

The concert in question was actually a free one they do every year, but out connection gave us the hookup with these bracelets that allowed us to get into a super close section. Since I like the artists that were performing, it was great! Well, most of it. 

Sadly, it was standing, which is something I'm slowly beginning to not appreciate. 

The lineup was great, complete with MC Leeteuk
from Super Junior

First up was Zhoumi from Super Junior M. He's so handsome!

Next was Super Junior M's Henry, who is amaaaazing at the violin.

Next was Red Velvet, SM's newest girl group

The next performance was the one I had wanted to see the most. Donghae and Eunhyuk from Super Junior are starting their mandatory military service this month, so this was their last scheduled concert before their enlistment. Which is special and sad, cause it's the reality that all men in South Korea have to face. I was glad to see them before they left, since I probably won't be in Korea when they get out and start doing things again. 


Their performance was fun, energetic and a little sad. They both asked their fans to be healthy and take care of themselves while they were gone, and they promised they'd work hard in the military. Sad face. 

Then, of course, the bane of my existence came on. EXO fans are notoriously the worst kpop fandom right now, because of their incredibly immature and dangerous fanaticism.

They announced at the beginning not to run around and move because it's dangerous. They also asked people to please be considerate of those around them and to enjoy the show. There was literally not one problem before EXO came on, except for tall dudes and the occasional fan holding a camera up on a selfie stick, but nothing I couldn't see around.

And yet, when EXO's music came on, it brought out the worst of the worst in the audience. 

These dumb ass self important fans BROUGHT FUCKING STOOLS

This is apparently how one should view EXO. I'm beyond frustrated
with immature fans

I documented some of the annoyances because of my frustration with not being able to see because people are selfish and rude. We mostly gave up watching and ended up dancing around, as there was lots of space behind us. Most of the crazy fans were pushing each other and fighting to be closer to wherever the guys were, so we took the opportunity to dance around (we know some of the dances from dance class), much to the amusement of the security guards and other non EXO fans who were probably just as annoyed by the boorish behavior of the selfish girls desperately taking hundreds of pictures. 

Those pink suits hahaha

At one point, they walked out to the middle of the stage and all hell broke loose with the crazies so we stood back and proceeded to take stupid selfies and pictures just to emphasize how silly it was. 

I'm the type of person who takes like 5 pics in the beginning of the set so I have some for my blog or memories, and then I put my camera away. I guess these girls don't adhere to that method...

We had so much room around us, so we decided to take a group
shot "with EXO" 

We also had to get our "I can't believe this shit" shot. 

Like, not only is this fucking rude, it's SUPER

As a person of short stature, I have NEVER in my LIFE considered bringing a freaking stool or step ladder to a concert so *I* could see better at the expense of others. Not only that, but they refused to get down even when security told them too. 

Realistically, security should have been like HELL NO when girls tried to enter carrying stools. Like, no, you do not get to make yourself super tall so you can get effing pictures of your idol Especially since EXO fans are notoriously AWFUL. Unless you're in the back and need press shots, if you bring a stool to a concert I automatically assume you're a terrible person with no soul. 

And that's how I know I'm just not on that level of devotion to kpop that these crazies are. Standing and enjoying is one thing. Being a jerk is another.

OK. Rant over.

Thankfully, my friends and I got to laugh at the sheer ridiculousness of it, and we had a great (late) subway ride home. 

There was a seat open next to me, but this
dude would rather be chill and do this haha

I got home late, but thankfully because of my aching limbs (thanks to dance class and the concert), I fell asleep quickly and deeply, happy about the week that passed and super excited for the week ahead!!

The fall weather officially arrived, sort of. Korea's weather is a little finicky, so it still gets warm in the afternoon some days. Sigh. I just want sweater weather!!!

This week is a musical week, so I've been listening to Cinderella in preparation for seeing it!! I'm so excited, especially because, thanks to checking the Korean site and asking my nice co teacher Seon Kyeong to help me, we scored super cheap tickets. SO STOKED. 

I seriously hope the costume change is amazing. CAN'T WAIT. Read about it next week!

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