Sunday, November 22, 2015

Nooo Winter is Coming :(

My new Korean class started this week, which was a little boring because it was pretty easy stuff, but  a little review can't hurt. 

My name is one of the longest in the class... sigh

This week was, again, pretty normal, just with the change in Korean class days. It's weird to have class monday and nothing Wednesday after having it the opposite for 2 years, but it's only for a bit.

I spent my week teaching about can, money, the house and comparatives to 3rd through 6th, respectively. It's getting a bit hard to keep their attention since the semester is winding down. Teacher could use a break too, kids. 

I've been having musical withdrawals lately, especially since it's been nearly 2 years since I've seen Phantom of the Opera :(

A few of the people I know trade and sell bootlegs, and, even though I have an embarrassing amount of them already, I made the mistake of looking at the new list. There have been a handful of new phantoms in the rotation since I last saw it in NYC, so of course I was tempted. I asked my sister what she thought, and of course she had the perfect answer.

So I ordered a few. Merry Christmas to me haha. I can't resist

Cesca and I don't see each other a ton during the week usually, so we often take Fridays to meet up and grab food together.

We ended up choosing delicious indian food with giant naan for our
Friday night fare

Ces has Korean class Friday nights, so she went off and I went home. We had plans to meet the next day to see Mockingjay: Part 2 with Lauren, but first, we needed to make a Costco run which led to my favorite thing ever. 


Cesca's bus was empty too so we rejoiced with selfies

We had to buy some Christmas-y things at Costco, and, after we gave advice to some ladies asking about whether candy canes were good for a Christmas party and if foreigners actually think candy canes are Christmas-y, we headed to my house to drop things off, catnap, and then head for the movie.

We received some great literature at the bus stop

The movie was really good save for some forced love triangle stuff and the ending, which was ok on paper but not super cool on screen. It was a great movie though, and I felt riveted the whole time.

We decided to grab dinner in the mall, and because we are always suckers for Italian food, just haaad to try this rendition of pane.

not super pane-esque but delicious

The tomato sauce and wine were also delicious 

We decided we wanted to get dessert and chat more, since we don't see each other nearly enough nowadays, so a tea and cake stop was in order. 

This is what you get when you want "candid enjoying the cafe" shots of my friends...

Oh these ladies....

On Sunday, I headed to dance class early after some miscommunication about our rehearsal schedule... these things happen.

We learned another EXO song, which was fun but horrendously hard and we looked ridiculous. I had seen the practice video and knew I'd suck at it, so I had 0 expectations for being decent and therefore had a great time valiantly attempting to do the impossible. 

After that debacle, we had rehearsal for our show in December and then a party because tomorrow is the 10 year anniversary of the opening of Dance Joa!

We gathered and ate and were merry. I got to show off that I'm decent at Korean, and one of them even remarked that he was surprised by the energy in our class, because the Korean ones are quiet and full of serious concentraters. We are loud, energetic and obnoxious, and even if we can't do it, we do our best and cheer lots. It was fun to talk with the other Koreans and of course hear compliments.

The owner has a little boy and he's so adorable. He even fed me peppero! 

The party was still going on when Ces and I left, and to our surprise, it was raining a lot. Thanks weather app... I made it home but am now feeling a cold coming on, as the weather took quite a turn this week. It was fun while it lasted...

I hope this is just a short stuffy nose. I can't afford to be sick this week! Too much to do! There's Korean class to worry about, Thanksgiving stuff to do and I have a teacher trip on Friday! Yikes! Gonna be a full and hopefully fun week!

Stay warm, stay safe! Peace out, sailor scouts~


This is the dance we learned. I 100% don't care for this song, nor the dance, but it was fun to try and basically flail around doing it. EXO's Love Me Right is probably my least favorite song of theirs... I'm not sure why we keep doing EXO, our teacher doesn't care for them and they're really hard, but they're popular so the newbies know about them. I wanna do something cute and girlie, dang it!

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  1. Glad you got to see Mockingjay 2, too! I do agree though - it was very much an action-and-romance focused deal, with so little on the relationship katniss has with a certain medic - which was wicked disappointing, since it's so important in the book. oh well, books will forever be better than their movie adaptations. Le sigh.