Sunday, November 15, 2015

We Gon' Get It Pop It

Apparently, it wasn't a super interesting week, given that I have like 5 photos to show you. The sun sets earlier and night comes sooner, but the weather hasn't caught up yet. We're still enjoying warmish weather, so I'm wondering when it will really feel like November. 

I went to Korean class Tuesday and on the way, I was blinded by the lights down the street. Across the street from my hagwon, in a small cafe, some cable drama was filming some scenes.

Apparently, they filmed all day, and there was a crowd in the morning. It was slightly distracting during class, and sadly, they didn't need foreigner extras. 

My Korean class is down to only 3 people, and although the grammar is hard, I've been having a good time, because we actually get to chat with our teacher a bit more and use the language. It's a much better feeling than when I'm dejected and frustrated with learning Korean, that's for sure. 

We found out the song for our class early this week, which was exciting, since I wanted to learn this dance.

I have some free time at my desk sometimes, so I've been trying to study more a work, even though I'm self conscious. I've decided to take the TOPIK again next year, so I really need to work on some weak points to get a good score. 

All the grammar points I've reviewed.

Wednesday was Peppero day, which is kind of
like the japanese snack Pocky. You give it
on 11/11 cause the date looks like Peppero.
I finally got a box from a student!

Wednesday was also the day after Grace's birthday, so Cesca and I took her out to dinner to celebrate We also got coffee and talked about everything and anything for like 4 hours It was awesome. I'll be forever grateful for the wonderful friends I've made in Korea. It's been a ride, but meeting these amazing people is just so reassuring and heartwarming, especially when they feel the same way.

Lovooove her.

Thursday was my favorite day ever, because the CSAT was happening. I feel so bad for the students who have to take the test every year, but I'm also excited because we get to go to school late. To prevent traffic jams, most businesses, the stock market and other schools start at 10 so that the students who are taking the test can get there on time. Police escorts are waiting to help those who are late, and people pray for days and days before the test for their student to get a good score, as it is a huge factor in college entrance requirements and decisions. 

I feel bad, because one of my 5th graders, who has 7 years until the test, told me she gets nervous every Sooneung day (the name of the test) because she knows she will have to take it someday. How sad is that? I hope Korea can change a bit, because the high stakes testing has scary consequences here...

So, Thursday was a mixed bag, because, while I love sleeping in, it's tough knowing that the kids at the school next to mine are taking a test till 5pm that will determine their lives, basically. 


Young Ah invited me to dinner Thursday, and since she knows great places and I love her, we went and got 'hamburger steak," Which is basically a hamburger without the bun haha. But we got to this place at 5pm and there was already a line, so it must be good, right?

It was pretty delicious

This one was 'Turkish style' with a slightly
spicy sauce. It was delicious. 

Bellies full, we headed out to our classes, me to Korean and her to her head ribbon spinning drum class.

On Friday, I went to take a Korean placement test at this place Cesca has been going for free classes. My language exchange partner had to stop meeting with me cause she has to take some accounting class in the evenings, so I am in need of more review and practice. The level I got placed in was already full though, so I'm slightly lower than I'd like to be. I am glad for the review though, because, as much as I love my hagwon, we learn pretty fast, so, while I recognize terms I've studied, I can't always remember what they mean. Extra review will definitely be better than me attempting to study on my own and getting distracted. 

We then headed out to our friend's birthday party in Gangnam, where I usually don't venture. It was a great time and fun to see friends and meet new people. The place was kinda dark tho, so alas, no good pictures. 

Ces and I met Lauren for brunch Saturday. Since she is passing on Korean class this month and lives across town, I haven't seen her in ages, even though we talk like every day via the interwebz. The place was delicious and we chatted for quite a while. I miss her. Then, since it was raining again, Cesca and I just hung out at home and I chilled at her house when our evening plans fell through (meh, it happens, and you all know I love chill evenings at home). 

On Sunday, we went to dance class raring to go, since we were learning a song I really wanted to try. 

We worked hard, and we were super exhausted by the end, but it was soooo fun and I LOVED this week. Ces and I felt pretty baller, especially since we already knew what the song sounded like. Even with some minor mistakes, we had a great time and killed it for only learning it in 2 hours. SO FUN.

We also joined other people in our studio for a special performance, because it's the studio's 10th birthday this year. They're doing a special performance and showcase kind of thing, so, of course we got asked to join. We had practice AFTER our 2 hour dance class, so we were kinda dead, but still had more energy and enthusiasm than some of the Koreans. Especially for the cheering. Us Waygookin are great at cheering.

It's gonna be a tough month of practices, but it seems like we will have a great time. 

post practice picture with the 10th anniversary performing group

I'm excited for the weeks ahead, as they include more dancing, preparation for Thanksgiving and some fun lessons with my students. Have a great week everyone!


Here's the real dance version of the song we did this week. So fun and pretty catchy! Ikon Rhythm Ta~

The song is fun cause it's about just dancing and having fun and enjoying yourself. It even says "this is just a song so everyone get on the rhythm."

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